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NWF Youngstock Team

NWF Agriculture has developed a Youngstock Team consisting of 4 specialists currently covering the central regions and areas of North Wales. The team has been developed to help improve the health and performance of calf rearing units and businesses. The NWF Youngstock team can provide advice and services ranging from testing colostrum and monitoring growth to devising protocols and staff training.


The NWF Youngstock team has both a wealth of industry and youngstock knowledge, experience and technical understanding, designed to help with a wide range of youngstock related areas.

Youngstock Nutrition

It’s what we do best. At NWF we have extensive experience of dairy and youngstock nutrition. With this, our NWF Youngstock Team is perfectly positioned to provide knowledge and support on all aspects for calf rearing. Further supporting our youngstock team, are our blends desk who offer a portfolio of standard and bespoke youngstock blends.

Feeding Advice

All of our Youngstock Team have been nutritionally trained to offer feeding support and advice. They are FAR registered, an industry accreditation that sets the standards for feeding advice. Visit our NWF Youngstock feeds and blends HERE.

Weighing & Growth 

The Youngstock Team will visit your farm, bringing all the necessary equipment, to weight, measure, monitor calves, as well as offering practical advice to help maximise your productivity when raising youngstock. Regularly monitoring body weight and growth can indicate potential issues in your system, and through their technical and youngstock training, the team can offer appropriate advice.

Procedures & Gathering Data

The best way to understand how your livestock is performing, and therefore, the performance of the business is by collecting data. In calf rearing, daily liveweight gain is one of the most important indicators of efficiency and for long term performance and profitability of the enterprise.


The environment where calves are housed is key to rearing healthy and productive calves. The type of housing will differ depending on the individual farm’ infrastructure. Location, Winder speed, Ventilation and Moisture are all key components for calf housing, where calves must have sufficient space to express normal behaviour; to stretch and groom, stand up, eat, sleep and play. Calf housing should fundamentally be comfortable and clean, enabling the calf to focus on growing. The NWF Youngstock Team can offer advice on a range of housing-related situations including airflow and lying space. Conducting simple tests such as Nesting Scores are a great way to assist your calf housing.

View our latest Youngstock Bulletin HERE.

The dedicated NWF Youngstock Team offer a comprehensive range of services and advice to support the rearing of youngstock. Contact the team on 0800 756 2787 or email

Meet the Youngstock Team

Abbi England BSc (Hons)
Technical Manager
Alongside her other roles as a Ruminant Nutritionist, Abbi has developed the NWF Youngstock Team. Abbi grew up on her parents dairy, beef and sheep farm in Lancashire before completing a BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Science and a Masters module in Ruminant Nutrition. Over the years Abbi has gained an extensive understanding of the industry, taking a particular interest in efficient early life nutrition and overall calf management incorporating Calf Signals. As a Cow Signals©, Master trainer Abbi will be available to host staff training on your farm. Call: 07595 566251 Email: 

Erin Wray
Technical Co-Ordinator
Erin grew up on a beef and sheep farm in Donegal, Ireland before completing an MSci in Veterinary Bioscience at the University of Glasgow. Erin has a vast and in-depth knowledge about the industry. Erin has a passion for achieving animal productivity and longevity, therefore recognising the importance of early life management in achieving this. Call: 07525 239405 Email:


Beth Howells
Technical Development Co-ordinator
As part of her Agri-Business degree from Harper Adams, Beth did her placement year at NWF working with calf milk replacers and has recently returned after graduating as the Technical Development Co-Ordinator. Although not from a farming background, Beth has worked on various farms around mid-Wales and was actively part of her local young farmers where she has developed a passion for the industry and has a keen interest in all things livestock. Call: 07763 877 442 Email:

Elysha Chell
Youngstock Specialist
Before NWF, Elysha was highly involved within the equine surface industry after studying equine science at Reaseheath College. Elysha has always had an interest in animal feeds and comfort which drew her to join the NWF blends desk, enrolling as one of the first cohorts of the NWF Academy. Elysha enjoys working with calves, ensuring they are clean and comfortable to facilitate efficient calf rearing through using her calf signals training. Call: 07923 230948 Email:


To hear more about our youngstock services and advice, please get in touch with one of the team to arrange a farm visit.

To speak to one of our youngstock specialists individually, please visit the Meet the Team tab for each specialist’s contact details.

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