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We are a national supplier of high quality dairy,
beef and sheep feeds to UK farmers.

Technical Services
& Solutions

At our head office in Cheshire we operate a state of the art laboratory to analyse:
• Fresh grass
• Silage – grass, maize, whole crop
• Haylage
FREE analysis for NWF customers with results processed within 24hrs* of receipt of sample.(*48hrs during peak season)
NWF Agriculture conforms to the Forage Analysis Assurance Scheme.

As livestock dietary requirements become more complex and the aim to maximize herd health becomes of increasing importance, NWF is also able to offer a Mineral Analysis service to identify any areas for improvement, results from which our nutritionists are able to advise and develop for individual herd requirements.  Click here to view the NWF UltraMin range.

The range of Technical Services available from NWF include:
• Dairy Costings
• Ration Planning
• Diet Sieving
• Dung Sieving
• Forage Analysis
• Clamp Capacities
• Body Condition Score Monitor
• Rumen Health Check
• Fertility Check
• Udder Health Check
• Dry Cow Check
• Mineral Analysis
• Interherd Report using NMR and CIS Data
• Heifer Rearing Calculator
• Youngstock Growth Monitor
• Soil Analysis
• Water Testing
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 NWF Technical Services Flyer‏ A5P WEB.pdf

The NWF sales team includes Certified Master Cow Signal Trainers providing advice on the six signs of freedom.

FEED ADVISER REGISTER (FAR) – Setting the Standards for Feeding Advice
The NWF Sales Specialists are all registered as FAR Feed Advisers.  The Feed Adviser Register (FAR) was established in May 2013 by AIC Services and key UK farm animal feed industry representatives. Its development was a response to Government’s need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from farm livestock. That ambition, together with recognising the professionalism of the industry, led to the Register’s creation. There are now 1100 registered Feed Advisers throughout the UK.
DOWNLOAD the FAR Farmer Leaflet.

Contact your local NWF Sales Specialist or call 0800 756 2787 for details of the NWF Technical Services.

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NWF have developed a dedicated portal for all those niggling questions you need instant answers too. Technical Solutions provides up-to-the-minute information on the latest topics and seasonal subjects livestock farmers are facing.

Click here to view our online Technical Solutions website.

Constantly updated, NWF Technical Solutions features nutritional information for dairy, beef, calves and sheep. Advice and information on key topics include: dairy mobility scoring, Grass Watch, minerals and vitamins, products and raw materials.

If you have a question simply post this via Technical Solutions and our NWF Technical Team will come back with an answer helping your livestock business.

For technical advice please contact your local NWF feed specialist or call us on 0800 756 2787 or email us at

Ask a Technical Question

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 Feed Adviser

The Feed Adviser Register (FAR) was launched in 2013 set up by AIC and the feed sector in response to the Governments’ commitment and industry and customer demands to reduce emissions from farmed livestock.

Since the launch of 1,100 feed advisers are now registered including the NWF Sales Team.  Registered feed advisers have  already demonstrated their knowledge in areas of animal nutrition, welfare, feeding efficiency and animal health with the completion of FAR Module 1 and 2. In addition the launch of FAR Module 3 ensures all registered feed advisers receive training on Environmental Policy and the practical ways to mitigate emissions on farm.

The NWF Sales Specialists are all registered as FAR Feed Advisers.

DOWNLOAD the FAR Farmer Leaflet

To find out who your local NWF FAR registered adviser is please call 0800 756 2787 or click here.

NWF Agriculture focuses on delivering continual consistent quality to our customers. To achieve this, extensive internal Quality Control systems are in place, which has allowed us to develop full traceability of all manufactured products. Daily routine (and spot check) samples are taken from both incoming raw materials and our own finished products, for in house laboratory testing & external analysis. This seeks to provide assurance to our customers that Standards are maintained and therefore allow them to develop confidence in our products and our advice.


All our feed and blend manufacturing sites are fully accredited participants in the UFAS (Universal Feed Assurance Scheme), which is required in compliance with EU Food & Feed Legislation, and we are members of AIC (Agricultural Industries Confederation).

NWF have FIAS (Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme) status for our Fertiliser business, and the protected feed plant is operated in accordance to FEMAS (Feed Materials assurance scheme).

FAR - Feed Adviser Register

Our NWF Sales Specialists are all registered as FAR Feed Advisers. Click here for further information.
DOWNLOAD the FAR Farmer Leaflet

For further information on legislation that NWF operate within or details of your local NWF FAR Feed Adviser please call 0800 756 2787.

Technical Services


NWF Agriculture company compliance certificates for UFAS, FEMAS, FIAS and VMD are available to download as follows:

If you have any queries please contact the NWF Compliance Co-ordinator on 01829 262265 or email

Technical Services

Our Staff At Work

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How many times do you wish your cows could talk, so they can tell you what they think about their environment, their diet indicating how you can improve their performance?

Dairy farming is about cows, learning to maximise their health and welfare. Cow Signals, the concept of reading cow behaviour to identify areas for improvement in their surroundings or routine, is growing in popularity, and enabling dairy farmers to more closely meet their cows’ needs, leading to increased production and lower costs.

For production, health and welfare, a cow needs feed, water, light, air, rest and space,  In addition the cows should be free of infections and wounds.

The Cow Signals Diamond

HEALTH - Feed, Water, Light, Air, Rest SpaceNWF Agriculture have seen the benefits of Cow Signals in dairy herd management and as a result have invested in the training of key members of the sales team who now have the skills to apply this practical concept to help dairy farmers.

NWF have Cow Signal Master Trainers across the trading area, who can help dairy farmers understand the environment and what cows are actually telling them.

Cow Signal Master Trainer Team

  • Abbigail England – NWF Technical Team
  • Anna Meakin – NWF Blends Team
  • Paul Crocker – NWF Sales Team
  • Patricia Goldie – NWF Sales Team

For further information on Cow Signals please call 0800 756 2787 or email

Cow Signal Workshops

Imagine if you could tell what your cows are saying in terms of what they think about their environment, their diet which indicates how their performance can be improved.

Cow Signals, the concept of reading cow behaviour to identify areas for improvement in their surroundings or routine, is growing in popularity and enables dairy farmers to more closely meet their cows’ needs, leading to increased production and lower costs.

For production, health and welfare, a cow needs feed, water, light, air, rest and space,  In addition, the cows should be free of infections and wounds.

NWF Cow Signal Workshops
NWF offer two types of workshops:-

• Full Day Workshop from 10 am to 3 pm
The morning is a classroom session working through the Cow Signals concepts and the theory for each of the 6 signs.  The afternoon session is on farm putting the theory into practice and seeing how the six signs work in a positive way and what changes can be made to make a difference to each cow and overall herd.

• Evening Presentation 2hrs
A member of the NWF team would visit your evening meeting and present an overview of Cow Signals with take-home tips where simple changes on the farm or the way you watch the herd can make a difference.

If you are interested in either a full day workshop or evening presentation from NWF please call Abi England on 0800 756 2787 or email

The NWF technical and sales team offer calf rearing advice that reviews the behaviour of youngstock in their environment to establish where improvements can be made to maximise their health and performance.

5 C's
5 C’s

Successful calf rearing is based on a virtuous circle of good health, quality nutrition and strong growth.

LifeStart works by proactively and positively affecting all three components.

Of these, health is the factor that is often the most difficult to control on the farm and the five aspects shown are form the foundation of the LifeStart program leading to a healthy and productive environment for raising calves.

  • Comfort
  • Consistency
  • Colostrum
  • Calories
  • Cleanliness

Further information please contact our Technical Team by email or call 0800 756 2787.


Keep a close eye on regional grass growth from NWF customers and review milk yield potential from grass and grass quality.

NWF Grass Watch will provide weekly insight on free grass and pre-cut averages from farms across our trading area. Our laboratory processes over 1000 fresh grass samples during the grazing season and the data will be exported to provide regional
updates to help benchmark your results against averages.

As well as grazing management, GrassWatch allows you to ensure sufficient land has been set aside for silage production. Managing grass for grazing and ensiling right now means more milk from grass, optimum yield and easier ration formulation
throughout the winter with reliable silage stocks in the clamp or bale stack.

View the latest results from Grass Watch

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2nd December 2019

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22nd November 2019

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Are your cows telling you something?

8th November 2019

We’ve heard the adage if cows could talk. Imagine if they could tell us all about their environment, diet, how’re there feeling and what you as a farmer could be doing to help improve their performance.

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