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NWF Agriculture is a leading supplier of compounds,
blends and associated products to UK sheep farmers.

Sheep Compounds & Blends

Discover more about NWF Sheep
compounds and blends

All our ewe and lamb feeds are developed to combine the correct levels of energy and protein with appropriate levels of minerals and vitamins to optimise ewe performance and milk yield, lamb growth rates and sheep health.


  • Champion Ewe
  • Classic Ewe
  • Ewetrition Rolls
  • Winter Ewe
  • Prime Ewe


  • Fast Lamb
  • Super Lamb
  • Prime Lamb 14

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NWF OLYMPIAN FEED RANGE – For Pedigree & Show Livestock

  • Olympian Calf Starter
  • Olympian Calf Grower
  • Olympian Bull Finisher
  • Olympian Lamb Starter
  • Olympian Tup & Lamb
  • Olympian Special Sheep Mix

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The use of blends in ruminant systems can offer significant benefits to farmers looking to feed their livestock a nutritionally balanced, cost-effective diet, while reducing the overall costs of feeding their stock.

  • Only one feed to store
  • Only one product to mix in the diet
  • Better consistency of feeding
  • Reduced cost of putting feed in front of stock
  • Time and labour saving
  • Accurate inclusion of minerals etc, in the blend

We can formulate specific blends for your flock making use of a wide variety of top quality raw materials, sourced from around the world which are then accurately blended together in our fully UFAS approved facilities.


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In addition to compounds and blends, NWF Agriculture supplies a comprehensive range of associated products for ewes, rams and lambs. From milk powders to minerals we offer products to support the health, production and growth rates of your flock.

The range includes products to support forage production with a wide portfolio of seed, fertiliser and silage additives.   Our advice and technical services offer the additional support required to ensure you are growing the best quality forage, harvested at the right time and fed in conjunction with ration plans for your flock.

Calcined Magnesite

Cal Mag is produced from the raw material Magnesium Oxide which is quarried around the world. Cal Mag offers the most commonly used and economic source of supplementary magnesium for ruminant livestock

Cal Mag provides a good source of dietary magnesium. The magnesium in Cal Mag is highly available during digestion. Due to its poor palatability, Cal Mag is normally included in TMR, Minerals, Mineral Buckets, compounds, blends or premixes.

Dairy cows
Small amounts are used in winter diets. The major use, however, is with Dairy Cows at turnout. Feed 50 – 60 grammes per head per day, commencing about 10 days prior to turn out, to help prevent Grass Staggers (Hypomagnesaemia). magnesium is not readily stored in the body so continue feeding during high-risk periods, eg: lush Spring grass
Dry Cows

Dry Cows generally have a higher magnesium level than Lactating Cows. This magnesium can be supplied by including Cal Mag in the diet or feeding Dry Cow minerals which have a high level of magnesium. It may sometimes be used in conjunction with magnesium chloride.

Suckler Cows & Beef
As with Dairy Cows, Cal Mag is primarily used at turn out.

Typical feed rates are 50 grammes/head/day.

Cal Mag should be stored in a cool, dry place. It may go lumpy / hard if stored for extended periods

Magnesium 50-52%

25kg or Tote bags

Limestone Flour

Limestone Flour is used as a supplementary source of calcium. Limestone Flour is a fine white powder, nominally less than 300 microns. The material has been crushed, milled, dried and screened, then milled and classified again to produce a product of exceptional quality.

• CaO 55.5%
• CaOs 99.0%

25kg or Tote bags

Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium Bicarbonate is, by far, the most widely used and cost-effective rumen buffer.

Optimal rumen function is essential in order to maximise performance as well as allowing maximum utilisation of low-cost forages. Rumen function can be impaired by feeding high cereal rations, acidic silages, short chop forage and starchy forages which in turn can lead to im-paired digestion, reduced intakes and poor performance (e.g. reduced butterfat). Feeding Sodium Bicarbonate assists the saliva in its buffering capacity, thus reducing the risk of large drops in rumen pH which can lead to acidosis.

This is practically demonstrated with:

• Improved forage intakes
• Effective fibre digestion
• Higher milk yields
• Enhanced milk quality, increased butterfat
• Improved feed conversion and liveweight gain

Sodium 27%

In ruminant animals, the correct digestion of dietary intake is essential in achieving maximum output. The conditions in the rumen are continually challenged by the different feeds offered. Sodium Bicarbonate offers one alternative to reaching optimum rumen pH by helping to neutralise the acidic conditions typically caused by feeding high lactic acid silages and/or excess rapidly rumen-fermented carbohydrates. It can be controlled by feeding at an appropriate rate of up to 250 grammes per head per day of Sodium Bicarbonate.

25kg or Tote bags

Fresh Cow YMCP

Fresh Cow YMCP is the total fresh cow solution that provides rehydration and nutrients essential to maintain optimum peak yield while also helping to maintain health.

• Contains live yeast to support rumen function
• Promotes an optimal rumen environment
• Calcium derived from four different sources, including highly palatable and easy-to-absorb milk calcium which supports muscle tone of the uterus
• Magnesium to help the body absorb calcium
• Added potassium required for energy metabolism
• Includes Niacin which is essential for energy metabolism
• Betaine promotes intracellular hydration
• Vitamin E and Zinc chelate to support animal health during stressful periods
• Highly palatable and non-abrasive formula

Field trials show blood calcium can be stimulated by feeding YMCP to fresh cows. The YMCP cows showed a normal decline in blood calcium but they never dropped below 7.4 (mg/dl) or experienced any signs of milk fever (Figure 1 over the page). The control cows fell further (5.3 mg/dl), but recovery started after 24-36 hours. A “healthy” cow range is  approximately 8-10 mg/dl, sub-clinical 8-6 mg/dl and clinical 6 and below.

When to use
• Immediately post-calving
• To offer support during metabolic disorders including milk fever, hypocalcaemia,
ketosis, displaced abomasum’s and retained placentas
• For cows that are energy defi cient or have been off feed
• Post-surgery

Directions for use
Feed 500g (one sachet) as soon as possible after calving through bucket or drench
• Water Use: Mix one sachet of Fresh Cow YMCP with 20 litres of warm water. For best
results, offer as soon as possible after calving to ensure the cow drinks the full bucket.
• Drench Use: Mix one sachet of Fresh Cow YMCP with 1-2 litres of warm water then
drench. Drench suspension slowly to permit swallowing.
YMCP is water dispersible, not fully water soluble. Ensure the mixed solution is not
left to settle.

20 x 500g per 10kg Bucket

Product code 2186

Rumen Yeast Capsules

Rumen Yeast Caps are a source of yeast and vitamins in an easy-to-use bolus form to be used at off-feed events.

• Contains 30 Billion CFU’s of live yeast cultures
• Includes the recommended 6 grams of Niacin which is essential for energy metabolism
• Vitamin E supports animal health during stressful periods
• Promotes an optimal rumen environment
• Supports optimum feed effi ciency and encourages dry matter intakes

When to use
• Anytime dry matter intake drops i.e. after calving, during heat stress or environmental challenges
• After antibiotic treatment

Directions for use
Give one capsule daily using the large applicator for a maximum of 2-3 days following calving, or whenever feed or dry matter intake drops below normal.
Do not exceed 3 boluses.

25 capsules per pot

Product code 2191

Calf Renova

Calf Renova is an easy-to-use bolus containing a source of natural ingredients.

• Contains a specifi cally selected hind gut DFMs (probiotic)
• Essential Oil as a natural antioxidant
• Offers a natural antimicrobial effect

When To Use
• At first sign of scouring/diarrhoea or as a preventative
• Upon receipt of incoming calves
• To help ease the transition from colostrum to whole milk or milk replacer
• During periods of digestive problems or immediately after

Directions For Use
Administer 1 bolus capsule per calf from 3 days of age.
Repeat if needed after 24 hours.
It is recommended if you administer a Calf Renova capsule you follow up with a dose of BlueLite® Replenishᴹ

12 per jar x 2 jars per pack

Product code 2190

Bluelite Replenish For Calves

BlueLite® Replenish is a highly palatable liquid, buffered calf electrolyte formulated for the severely dehydrated calf.

• Scientifically formulated for optimal osmolarity, tonicity, acidifi cation and energy, to provide the right hydration at the right time giving calves the best chance to reach their genetic potential
• Corrects dehydration and electrolyte abnormalities (Na, K, Cl) facilitating the absorption of sodium
• Produces and provides energy
• Maintains a low abomasal pH supporting a healthy digestive tract
• Nutrient dense liquid – providing ease of supplementation with no mixing required

When To Use:
• Scouring calves – Recommended for use during all stages of scours
• Calves slow to drink milk or signs of weakness and stress
• Immediately after application of a Renova bolus

Directions For Use
100ml into 2 L of extra water (preferably warm) consumed daily
Or add 50ml with each milk feeding twice a day (morning and evening).
Repeat until calf recovers.

2 x 1.1 litre bottles per pack

Product code 2192

Sodium Sesquicarbonate

Sodium Sesquicarbonate contains a blend of Sodium Bicarbonate and Sodium Carbonate and is a source of sodium for cows and sheep.

Fed as a buffer to reduce rumen acidity.
It can increase dry matter intake, rumen microbial protein production and fibre digestion, resulting in increased milk production and milkfat

Sodium 27.4%

• Dairy Cows – 150-180g

• Beef – 20-25g per 100kg live weight

• Sheep – 20g

Lump Rock Salt

Salt is the first limiting mineral in all species. It is essential to promote saliva production and ensure optimum function of the digestive system.

Animals that are deficient in salt will often be seen chewing wood or attempting to drink urine (both sources of salt). Lump Rock Salt offers a convenient and natural way of providing salt for your livestock.

Large lumps of raw salt ranging from 5 – 35kgs in weight. The colour may be grey, red, brown, or white – according to the source.

• Sodium 40%
• Potassium 1.25%
• Calcium 0.13%
• Magnesium 0.005%

• Normally offered ‘Free Access’ in the feed trough, manger, or at grass
• Very weather resistant, so can be fed out-side without protection
• Can be fed to all species

Can be ordered either as loose or in catchweight form in a tote bag

PDV Salt

Salt is the first limiting mineral in all species. PDV (Pure Dried Vacuum) salt is an alternative to Ground Rock Salt
A free flowing salt, PDV is refined to remove any other trace elements or minor impurities. Fine granules, similar to table salt, white in colour.

• Sodium 40%
• Potassium 1.25%
• Calcium 0.13%
• Magnesium 0.005%

• Normally included within TMR or home-mixed rations
• Used in the manufacture of mineral / vitamin supplements

Acid Buff

Pure rumen conditioning with bioavailable minerals. Acid Buff can be used in lactating or dry cows.
It is derived from marine algae and contains high levels of calcium, magnesium and other minerals.

It is highly effective as a rumen buffer and stabilises pH at optimum rumen pH over long periods. Acid Buff works in harmony with the animal’s natural endogenous system for buffering excess acid leading to a stable and productive rumen environment. A healthier rumen can lead to improved production parameters.

Lactating Cows

Including Acid Buf in the diet will lead to:
• Better neutralisation of rumen acid
• Slow-release and longer-term rumen buffering
• Excellent source of bio-available minerals
• Improves fibre digestion
• Boosts milk yield and quality
• Reduces methane output and environmental pollution

Dry Cows

Including Acid Buf in the diet will lead to:
• DCAD (Dietary Cation, Anion Difference) neutral – allowing inclusion in dry cow diets
• Allows increased concentrate feeding close to calving
• Releases valuable calcium and magnesium to the cow
• Reduces the risk of metabolic disorders
• Conditions the rumen for lactation

• During lactation – 50-80g/cow/day

• Dry cow transition – 40-50g/cow/day

• Beef – 30-50g/cow/day

25kg bags

Hydrated Lime (Biolime H90)

Biolime helps control bacteria and mastitis to protect your milk yield and the investment you’ve made in land, feed and the herd. Simple to handle and easy to apply, this specially blended hydrated lime is quick to take effect and produce results

Dairy/Cattle Benefits

• Prevents mastitis
• Reduces hoof infection/lameness
• No risk of hydrogen sulphide
• Improves hygiene in calf pens
• Helps to prevent against Scours & Pneumonia
• Helps keep calf pens dry
• Helps destroy Tuberculosis and Brucellosis in cattle slurry

Sheep Benefits

• Prevents lameness
• Improves hygiene in lambing pens
• Helps to prevent against Scours, Watery mouth, Navel ill and Joint ill
• Prevents Scald and Foot rot when applied to gathering areas, gateways and at housing

Poultry/Game Benefits

• Improves biosecurity
• Protects against Avian influenza, Newcastle disease, Marek’s disease and bacterial infections caused by Salmonella, Coccidiosis, E-Coli and Barchyspira
• Reduces fly activity
• Improves hygiene for a healthy flock environment

25kg bags or tote bags

NWF Stable Rumen Pak

A cost effective way of optimising rumen pH. Contains Yea-Sacc and a blend of buffering agents including Acid Buff. Combining a specially formulated range of buffers with improved fibre digestion from Yea-Sacc to produce the optimal rumen environment.

This product is a solution to combat SARA in your cows

SARA – Sub-Acute Rumen Acidosis signs include:
• Poor Performance
• Fluctuating Milk yield

This can be triggered by:
• Wet maize silage
• Acidic grass silage
• High levels of cereal

• Higher feed intakes due to a more stable rumen
• Increase in milk yield of up to 1.6 litres per day
• Improvements in milk quality
• Improvements in dung quality
• Reduced lameness

• Dairy Cows – 75-125g / head / day
• Calves – 25g / head / day
• Beef – 75-125g / head / day of Beef Stable Rumen Pak, specially formulated with reduced magnesium content
• Ideal for mixing in with or sprinkling onto the daily ration

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Technical Services


NWF offers a wide range of Technical Services to help livestock farmers. We provide our customers with a unique laboratory service, to help develop and sustain the correct diet for your individual herds.

NWF sales representatives work alongside farmers and our in-house nutritionists to develop tailored diets using our quality feed range. Our aim is to maximise herd health and output.

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Ration Management: The Importance of Molasses

21st October 2019

For many years, NWF Agriculture has been supplying UK farmers with high-quality molasses blends. Feeding a molasses blend is an incredibly easy way to supply a good-source of fermentable energy, essential in any well-balanced diet. Not only does it help maximise herd health, performance & fertility, it also fuels the rumen microbes to stimulate dry matter intake (DMI) along with helping your ration management.

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What is the practical impact of NWF protected feeds?

20th August 2019

When nutrients are broken down in the rumen they produce gases which is a necessary, but also inefficient use of valuable nutrients.

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NWF Farmer Meeting: Top Tips on Rationing your Cows this Winter


NWF Farmer Meeting: Top Tips on Rationing your Cows this Winter


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