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NWF Agriculture is a leading supplier of compounds,
blends and associated products to UK sheep farmers.

Sheep Compounds & Blends

Discover more about NWF Sheep
compounds and blends

All our ewe and lamb feeds are developed to combine the correct levels of energy and protein with appropriate levels of minerals and vitamins to optimise ewe performance and milk yield, lamb growth rates and sheep health.


  • Champion Ewe
  • Classic Ewe
  • Ewetrition Rolls
  • Winter Ewe
  • Prime Ewe


  • Fast Lamb
  • Super Lamb
  • Prime Lamb 14

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NWF OLYMPIAN FEED RANGE – For Pedigree & Show Livestock

  • Olympian Calf Starter
  • Olympian Calf Grower
  • Olympian Bull Finisher
  • Olympian Lamb Starter
  • Olympian Tup & Lamb
  • Olympian Special Sheep Mix

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The use of blends in ruminant systems can offer significant benefits to farmers looking to feed their livestock a nutritionally balanced, cost-effective diet, while reducing the overall costs of feeding their stock.

  • Only one feed to store
  • Only one product to mix in the diet
  • Better consistency of feeding
  • Reduced cost of putting feed in front of stock
  • Time and labour saving
  • Accurate inclusion of minerals etc, in the blend

We can formulate specific blends for your flock making use of a wide variety of top quality raw materials, sourced from around the world which are then accurately blended together in our fully UFAS approved facilities.


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In addition to compounds and blends, NWF Agriculture supplies a comprehensive range of associated products for ewes, rams and lambs. From milk powders to minerals we offer products to support the health, production and growth rates of your flock.

The range includes products to support forage production with a wide portfolio of seed, fertiliser and silage additives.   Our advice and technical services offer the additional support required to ensure you are growing the best quality forage, harvested at the right time and fed in conjunction with ration plans for your flock.

NWF Protein Energy

For grazing animals, including mixed livestock

High quality protein & energy feed tub, suitable for grazing cattle and sheep
• Excellent source of energy from sugars, starch and protected fat
• High quality rumen bypass protein

• Protected Zinc to support a healthy immune system and
encourage foot health
• Good levels of vitamins, minerals and trace elements to
counter forage shortfalls
• Helps boost fertility and growth rates by supplementing
forage based diets

Typical intakes cattle 100-150g head/day
Typical intakes sheep 20-50g head/day

NWF High Mag

Reduce the risk of staggers (Hypomagnesemia) in lactating cattle and sheep.

• 3 sources of highly accessible Magnesium
• Combination of quickly available and slow release sources offer 24 hour protection against Staggers

• Vitamin D3 to aid absorption of Calcium to help prevent Milk Fever
• Balanced range of trace elements and vitamins to address Spring & Autumn grass deficiencies

Typical intakes cattle 200g head/day
Typical intakes sheep 30g head/day
*Suitable for mixed grazing

NWF Ewe Breeder

For productive ewes from tupping to lambing.

• High quality protein and energy, ideal for ewes, rams and lambs all year round
• Enhances rumen activity leading to better forage utilisation and increased intakes
• Vitamins, minerals and trace elements included to support the pregnant ewe and growing lamb

• Salmon Fish Oil (Omega 3) supports egg development and lamb vigour
• High levels of Zinc to support the immune system and foot health
• B12 to further enhance rumen function
• Contains MOS/β-glucan – activates ewe’s immune system & improve colostrum quality

Typical intake sheep up to 150g head/day

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Technical Services


NWF offers a wide range of Technical Services to help livestock farmers. We provide our customers with a unique laboratory service, to help develop and sustain the correct diet for your individual herds.

NWF sales representatives work alongside farmers and our in-house nutritionists to develop tailored diets using our quality feed range. Our aim is to maximise herd health and output.

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News & Events

All the help you need

Whatever your farming system we provide expert advice and solutions to help farm businesses

Top Tips for Grazing Youngstock

22nd July 2020

As we know, grass is an economic feed source and can be a good nutritional feed source for rearing youngstock. It must be carefully planned and budgeted to be beneficial; economically and to reach targets.

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Dairy Grass Grazing Management Guide

10th July 2020

Regardless of breed or location, all UK dairy farmers have one thing in common: the need to provide their animals with grass to eat, whether grazed or silaged. In dairy production, where margins are incredibly tight, high quality grass can be the key to profitability – so keeping a constant supply in front of livestock makes sound financial sense. Essential to the production of milk, grass is a cost effective form of feed that can be utilised all year round – in spring and summer by grazing livestock; and in winter as silage.

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Sheep Grass Grazing Management Guide

19th June 2020

Sheep farmers face a number of choices when it comes to managing how their animals graze grass. Typically, grassland growth rates should determine how long grass should be grazed and rested for and will therefore have a bearing on the grazing method chosen. Growth rates are influenced by a number of factors including season, weather, soil structure and soil nutrients, and may vary from field to field, and even within individual fields – depending on size, geography and the stocking rate.

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The Dairy Show 2020

7th October, 2020

The Showground, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 6QN

Visit the NWF trade stand and meet the team at The Dairy Show 2020 for information on our dairy, beef and sheep feed range and associated products

Brailsford Ploughing Match 2020

Wednesday 7th October 2020

Bradley Pastures (DE6 1LP) and Hall Farm (DE6 1PG), Bradley, Ashboure

Visit the NWF trade stand and meet the team at the Brailsford Ploughing Match 2020 for information on our dairy, beef and sheep feed range and associated products.

Borderway Agri Expo 2020

Friday 30th October

Borderway, Carlisle, Cumbria CA1 2RS

Visit the NWF trade stand and meet the team at Borderway Agri Expo 2020 for information on our dairy, beef and sheep feed range and associated products.

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NWF Staffordshire Farmer Meeting


NWF Cornwall Farmer Meeting


Myerscough Career Fair


NWF Academy Recruitment Day

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Contact Enquiries on: 0800 756 2787
for Orders:
or call: 0800 262 397

NWF Beef Bulletin Edition 1

In this first edition of the NWF Beef Bulletin, it features articles on rearing youngstock, NWF beef compounds, breeding, feed efficiency & milk replaces. In this first edition, we have partnered with Cogent Breeding & AB Vista.

VIEW NWF Beef Bulletin on ISSUU

DOWNLOAD NWF Dairy Bulletin as a PDF

NWF Dairy Bulletin Edition 1

In this first edition of the NWF Dairy Bulletin, it features articles on grazing management, NWF blends, combatting heat stress, reseeding and minerals.

VIEW NWF Dairy Bulletin on ISSUU

DOWNLOAD NWF Dairy Bulletin as a PDF

NWF Youngstock Bulletin Edition 1

In this first edition of the NWF Youngstock Bulletin, you’ll meet the new NWF Youngstock Specialists along with articles featuring on Youngstock Blends, Milk Powders, our innovation TechMix range, along with advice, procedures and data collection.

VIEW NWF Youngstock Bulletin on ISSUU

DOWNLOAD NWF Youngstock Bulletin as a PDF

Spring 2020 Newsletter

The NWF Spring 2020 newsletter features articles on protected feeds, top tips for great silage, 2020 NWF grass seed mixtures, TechMix, TechniPaks, NWF Blends, Milk Replacers & how to boost rumen health.

VIEW NWF Spring 2020 Newsletter on ISSUU

DOWNLOAD NWF Spring 2020 Newsletter as a PDF

NWF Sheep Bulletin Edition 1

This first edition of the NWF Sheep Bulletin features articles on how to get the best form your flock this season, our Ultra Lamb Milk Replacer along with a guest article written by the veterinary surgeon, Sarah Haker of Farm Gate Vets.

VIEW NWF Sheep Bulletin on ISSUU

DOWNLOAD NWF Sheep Bulletin as a PDF

Autumn 2019 Newsletter

The Autrumn edition of the NWF Newsletter features articles on how the practical impacts on protected feeds, What does transition really cover, Rationing Ewes and Autumn event dates.

VIEW NWF Autumn 2019 Newsletter on ISSUU.

DOWNLOAD NWF Autumn 2019 Newsletter as a PDF

Spring 2019 Newsletter

The Spring 2019 edition of the NWF Newsletter features articles on considerations for feeding with low forage stocks, new coarse calf feeds, Techmix products, grass mixtures and why use molasses.

VIEW NWF Spring 2019 Newsletter on ISSUU.

DOWNLOAD NWF Spring 2019 Newsletter as a PDF

Spring/Summer 2018 Newsletter

The NWF Spring/Summer 2018 newsletter features articles on Forage Quality, Rearing your Future Herd, Precision Blending and Beef Outlook.

Spring/Summer 2017 Newsletter

Our Spring/Summer 2017 edition of NWF News features articles on tackling coccidiosis, cubicles getting comfort right, The Blackcombe Herd, Calf Rearing plus our events calendar.

Winter 2016 Newsletter

The NWF Winter 2016 edition of the newsletter features articles on Dunbia tour, new production site at Bilsborrow, NutriOpt and minerals for beef plus customer stories.

Spring 2016 Newsletter

The NWF Spring 2016 newsletter features articles on robots and what to consider, maintaining milk solids, dry cow management at grass and the acquisition of Jim Peet Agriculture.

Autumn 2015 Newsletter

The NWF Autumn 2015 newsletter features 12 pages of articles including technical insight on feed efficiency, recipes for dry period success, new LifeStart programme and simple changes for the future.

Summer 2015 Newsletter

Our Summer bumper issue of NWF News features 16 pages of news including articles on building strengths for the future, focus on summer grazing, beating heat stress and fertility focus to boost margins.

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