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Maize Harvest 2023

4th October 2023

When to harvest? It’s a crucial question to which there is a definitive answer: when the maize is at 32-35% dry matter. If the dry matter percentage is lower than this then the maize will loose nutrients in effluent. (The nutritional value of immature maize is in any case sub-optimal , the starch content being not yet fully realised). On the other hand, if the dry matter percentage is too high then the maize is harder to chop and harder to consolidate and seal anaerobically  in the clamp. This could be a real possibility with some 2023 crops effected by the early drought conditions.

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Get the basics right in calf rearing

17th September 2023

Successful calf rearing is a piece of cake if you get these basics right. If you get these basics wrong, however, it doesn’t matter what products, milk replacers or compounds you feed, you will never achieve optimum results.

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Beef Finishing Systems

9th September 2023

Finishing beef systems can vary, however, feeding finishing cattle for a short period of time for maximum liveweight gain remains the aim for most producers. A well-balanced and consistent diet can help finish animals more efficiently, improving DLWG, reducing feed usage, and increasing output, therefore, reducing the overall carbon footprint. It is really important for any beef system to monitor the liveweight gain (LWG) and feed conversion rate (FCR) in order to ensure your beef enterprise is a financial success. The most crucial factor is knowing the cost per kg of liveweight gain.

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