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Selko Lactibute: A solution to hindgut health in dairy cows

29th June 2022

Why is poor hindgut health a problem?
Leaky gut is the inability of the gut barrier to prevent unwanted toxins and pathogens from leaking into the bloodstream. In dairy cattle, leaky gut can occur due to numerous stress situations: Transition Period, Feed Restrictions, Psychological stress, High Starch Diets, Inflammation elsewhere in the animal (Injury, Disease etc).

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This is the summer to get the basics right!

16th June 2022

Making quality silage is always a key component to quality nutrition and managing overall feed costs. Rarely, however, has it been more important to ensure forage qualities and quantities are sufficient to ensure additional costs are mitigated as much as possible this year.

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Muck is worth its weight in gold (almost)!

8th June 2022

The past 12 months have seen fertiliser prices increase by more than 300%. This has led to many farmers looking for alternative nutrient inputs. Many weird and wonderful materials are applied to the land for their fertiliser content – composts, paper crumble, food waste, sewage sludge, seaweed and many others. But the most frequently used, and often the most freely available, is animal muck – more commonly referred to as manures and slurries.

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