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What is the practical impact of protected feeds?

30th September 2020

When nutrients are broken down in the rumen they produce gases which are necessary, but also an inefficient use of valuable nutrients. As an animals nutrient requirement increases, rumen bacteria alone are unable to cope with the increased requirements, therefore by-passing nutrients into the hindgut offer both additional nutrients but also less gas production and therefore more efficient use of feed nutrients.

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Rearing Dairy-Beef Calves

17th September 2020

Cost is a major factor when rearing beef calves, where the early life period provides huge opportunities to make the most of inputs. This phase is the most efficient period of an animal’s life and when their feed to growth conversion is at its highest; from 1kg of calf milk replacer fed, they can gain 900g in body weight.

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Top Tips for Grazing Youngstock

22nd July 2020

As we know, grass is an economic feed source and can be a good nutritional feed source for rearing youngstock. It must be carefully planned and budgeted to be beneficial; economically and to reach targets.

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