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Sheep Compounds

NWF ewe & lamb feeds are formulated to optimise production, milk yield, and health. Raw materials are carefully selected to include a range of starch sources to allow a balanced and safe digestion along with promoting rumen health. A range of protein sources have been used including soya, distillers along with Ultra Pro-R and Ultra Soy from our protected feed range.

NWF Ewe Feed Range

Champion Ewe (WM, WI)
• A high energy density feed specifically formulated to meet ewe requirements and promote colostrum quality.

Classic Ewe (WMI, WI)
• Balanced energy and protein sources ensure a steady, even flow of nutrients to the ewe throughout a 24 hour feeding cycle.

Ewetrition 19 Rolls (WM, WI)
• A high energy, high MPB feed formulated to meet ewe requirements.

Premium Ewe Nuts (WM, WI)
• A cost effective ewe diet that is ideal for all classes of ewe.

Prime Ewe Rolls (WM, WI)
• A cost effective quality ewe diet, balanced in energy and protein.

2 Good Nuts & Rolls (LT)
• Top quality 19% protein feed that promotes milk yield and colostrum quality.

NWF Lamb Feed Range

Fast Lamb Pellets (All Mills)
• A high quality, energy dense starter diet.

Spring Lamb Pellets (WM)
• A 17% protein barley based diet.

Super Lamb Nuts (WM, WI)
• A 15% protein high starch based compound.

Prime Lamb Nuts (WM)
• A 13% protein barley based finishing diet.

Vital Rearing All Rounder Nuts (WM)
• An 18% protein diet that is suitable for a range of systems.

Lakeland Lamb Pellets (LT)
• Carefully formulated 17% protein compound.

Delta Lamb Nuts (LT)
• A 15% protein high starch based compound.

Superstock 16 & 18 Nuts (LT)
• High inclusion levels of barley, suitable for a wide range of systems and applications.

For more information on NWF Sheep feeds and products, check out our latest NWF Sheep Bulletin.

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