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Rumen Paks

NWF has a range of rumen paks to support rumen function and performance throughout the year.

A cost-effective way of optimising rumen pH. Contains Yea-Sacc and a blend of buffering agents including Acid Buf.  Combining a specially formulated range of buffers with improved fibre digestion from Yea-Sacc to produce the optimal rumen environment.

This product is a solution to combat SARA in your cows.

SARA – Sub-Acute Rumen Acidosis signs include:
• Poor Performance
• Fluctuating Milk Yields

This can be triggered by:
• Wet Maize Silage
• Acidic grass silage
• High levels of cereal

NWF Stable Rumen Pak™ should be fed at 75g/cow/day either free access or in-feed.  This feed range equates to 50g of Yea-Sacc and 125g of Acid Buff.


Dairy cows often underperform for no apparent reason, with depressed feed intakes and yields.  In most cases, the problem is poor rumen health.  As the rumen produces around 70% of the energy and protein used by the cow, anything that disrupts the rumen disrupts the cow.

NWF Healthy Rumen Pak™ contains Yea-Sacc and Mycosorb, formulated to help ensure the conditions in the rumen are maintained at a level to promote high intakes, efficient digestion and increased yields.

– Scavenges oxygen from the rumen, removing the ‘barrier’ to efficient fibre digestion
– Promotes beneficial bacteria in the rumen, increases fibre breakdown by up to 20% and helps reduce the incidence of sub acute ruminal acidosis (SARA)
– Maintains a more stable rumen pH
– Increases dry matter intake by up to 1.4kg
– Increases milk yield by up to 1.4kg

– Broad-spectrum action against a wide range of mycotoxins
– Stops mycotoxins attacking the rumen and the cow
– Cost effective formulation helps protect the immune system of your cattle
– Improves dung consistency

NWF Healthy Rumen Pak™ can also deliver benefits when fed to cattle and calves.  In cattle, it will help increase liveweight gain by over 10%, improving carcass composition and reduce the risk of bloat.  Calves will see an improvement in dry matter intake and liveweight gains by 8%.


The ultimate buffer is a blend of buffering salts including Acid Buf, Calcified Seaweed and essential oils. Ultra Buf is the perfect solution for situations when forage is variable and wet, during diet changes and if cows are experiencing SARA or clinical acidosis.  It is also suited to high concentrate or starch heavy rations or high degradable protein rations.  The recommended feed rate is 50g/head/day.

The Acid Buf conditions the rumen and allows it to work more efficiently, with its unique honeycombed structure and large surface area, Acid Buf breaks down slowly in the rumen –neutralising significantly more acid, over a longer period, than many conventional buffers.

  • Better neutralising of rumen acid ensures a stable optimal rumen pH
  • Improves fibre digestion
  • Boosts milk yield and quality

The unique blend of natural plant extracts, essential oils and spices increases the amount of bypass protein reaching the small intestine whilst improving nitrogen efficiency in the rumen, shown by a decrease in ammonia release. These factors can lead to lower milk ureas and increased feed efficiency.

  • Improves rumen pH
  • Increases milk yield and improved milk quality
  • Increases fibre digestion
  • Increases feed efficiency


An enhanced version of Healthy Rumen Pak that contains Yea-Sacc and a higher rate of Mycosorb.
NWF offers a diet check service and feeding recommendations to help your herd.  If you would like further information, prices and a free PH testing kit contact our local NWF Sales Specialist.

To request a further information on NWF Rumen Paks and quotation please call your NWF Sales Specialist or call 0800 756 2787 or email


Gut Health

NWF has a range of products designed to improve gut health and allow your herd to maximise performance.


Containing Lactibute to reduce the effects of leaky gut, improve energy partitioning within dairy cows and ultimately support milk production and performance. It’s the inability of the gut barrier to prevent unwanted toxins and pathogens from leaking into the bloodstream, often occurring during transition periods, feed restrictions, high starch diets and injury. As a result, an immune response occurs, diverting energy away from production.

• Aids in gut health.
• Supports your herd in times of stress.
• Improves milk production and milk constituents.
• Increases short chain fatty acid utilizing bacteria.
• Promotes butyrate production.


The NWF Gut Health Extra Pak has been designed to be an effective solution to optimising the rumen and improve hindgut health all out of one bag, with the inclusion of Lactibute, Acid Buf and Opti Rumen, specifically designed pack to maintain milk yields, improve immune system health, milk proteins and butterfats at times of stress.

• Aids in gut health.
• Supports your herd in times of stress.
• Improves milk production and milk constituents.
• Increases short chain fatty acid utilizing bacteria.
• Improves feed utilization and efficiency.
• Stabilises the rumen pH and optimises rumen conditions.
• Source of highly bio-available calcium and magnesium.


NWF Opti Rumen is a unique blend of plant extracts, essential oils and spices, which positively alters the rumen microbes to ensure optimal fermentation for more efficient production.

• Improves rumen buffering.
• Removes excess Nitrogen & decreases milk ureas.
• Increases butterfats.

For further information on NWF Gut Health Products, speak to your local NWF Sales Specialist, call 0800 756 2787 or email



The NWF Protected Fats provide a rich source of energy to support milk production, reproduction and growth. Fat has a 250% higher energy value than carbohydrates provided by cereals and forages.

Protected fats are one of the richest sources of energy representing the best opportunity for fulfilling the huge energy demands of today’s high-yielding dairy cows. If insufficient energy is provided the cow will lose unacceptable amounts of weight compromising milk yield and fertility.  This can also lead to risk of metabolic disorders such as ketosis and acidosis.


• Improved peak and lactation yields
• Improved milk solids – butterfat and protein
• Improved cow condition
• Improved fertility
• Reduced risk of acidosis and ketosis
• Reduced culling rates


A cost-effective high-quality rumen-protected fat to help improve the performance of high-yielding cows, beef animals and lactating ewes by meeting the energy demands required.

Dry Matter – 97%
Oil – 85%
ME – 34 MJ/kg/DM
C16 Fat – 48%
C18 Fat – 49%


A cost-effective way of maintaining and improving butterfat production, as well as increasing the energy density of the diet.  This product should be mixed thoroughly in TMR or top dressed onto forage and fed to response.

The product is typically fed in the first 150 days of lactation to aid butterfat production.  It is designed only to be fed to dairy cows and can be fed at up to 500 grams per day, depending on milk contracts.

Dry Matter – 100%
Oil – 100%
C16 – 85-90%
ME – 36.5 MJ/kg/DM


Envirolac is designed to increase dietary energy density while optimising rumen fermentation and prime liver function in order to increase milk yield and constituents and improve cow health and fertility.

Dry Matter – 94%
Protein – 2.2%
Oil – 50%
ME – 29.8 MJ/kg/DM


Bringing all the benefits previously associated with fishmeal, Omega 3 supplement is formulated to supply key fatty acids, including EPA and DHA, to support high yields, reproductive performance and immune systems.

Dry Matter – 95%
Protein – 1.1%
Oil – 50%
ME – 25.5 MJ/kg/DM

For further information on the NWF Protected Fats or call us on 0800 756 2787 or contact your local NWF Sales Specialist.



Magnesium supplementation is an important supplement to help prevent metabolic issues. Supplementing with magnesium will reduce the risk of milk fever and grass staggers.

The addition of magnesium within livestock feeds increases rumen pH and can help increase milk yield and butterfats.  Absorption for ruminants is improved with more readily degradable carbohydrates.  Rumen pH is important in its influence of solubility, high pH reduces magnesium solubility.

Our range includes:-

•Magnesium Flakes
•Calcined Magnesite
•High Mag Minerals

Consider minerals to increase magnesium levels available as powdered or buckets

For information on magnesium for your livestock please contact your local NWF feed specialist or call us on 0800 756 2787 or email us at



An essential element of the ruminants diet should be salt, restriction over a period of time can result in poor feed conversation, lower weight gain and damage to the central nervous system.

Salt promotes the production of saliva to ensure optimum function of the digestive system.  If livestock are attempting to drink urine from other animals or chewing wood they are likely to be deficient in salt.

Our range includes:-

•Lump Rock Salt
•Ground Rock Salt
•PDV Salt

Speak to one of our NWF sales specialists to review current feed rations and analyse forage to advise you on the right supplements that your livestock may require OR try our view our Problem Buster below.

Use our handy guide, below, to help pinpoint problems and crush complications with NWF’s range of rumen supplements:

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