Youngstock Feeds

NWF have a comprehensive range of feeds to suit any age of Youngstock, available as pellets or nuts.  Formulated using quality raw materials the diets support growth from an early age.

NWF UltraStart Calf Pellets
Formulated to complement the transition from Ultra Life Milk Powder, these pellets contain lactose to drive intakes and rumen development; whilst making optimal use of the lactose flavour link to milk and enzymes present for digestion whilst the calf is still on milk.

NWF Startrite Pellets
A high standard pellet feed developed for the calf of 10 – 12 weeks. This compound contains NuStart, a gut conditioner that improves rumen function and increases the early intake of nutrients.

NWF Super Rearer 16 & 18
A specialist rearering diet for dairy heifers up to 2 year calving that will complement a silage based diet.

NWF Vital Rearer 16 to 24
This is a cost effective diet for dairy heifers up to 2 year calving which will complement a straw or silage based diet.

NWF Deluxe Rearer 21
A youngstock diet of the highest specification of use in the high genetic merit herds.  Feed rates of up to 5kg are designed to complement a straw based diet..

In addition the compounds we supply standard range of blends and milk replacers.

There are a number of the NWF Sales Specialists who are trained in Youngstock Signals and can provide comprehensive on farm advice for calf rearing including feeding, bedding and shed design.

For further information on NWF Youngstock feeds please call 0800 756 2787 or contact your local NWF FAR Sales Specialist.