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NWF Blends – Flexibility is key!

NWF Agriculture offers bespoke blends that are formulated using “cutting edge” formulation software to ensure blends match your specific production aims. The FAR registered sales team and the blends technical team can help ration the whole diet to meet your production criteria. For all feeding systems this summer it is important to regularly analyse forages and grass to enable you to balance the diet accurately and economically. NWF offer a comprehensive forage and grass analysis service along with mineral profiling analysis to facilitate this.

If the challenge is maintaining or increasing milk butterfat, NWF offer blends with high levels of digestible fibre including sugar beet pulp and soya hulls. Additionally, where butterfat requirement is key, the use of C16 protected fat can be included in blends to maintain and promote butterfat production.Blend Tip

Blends manufactured at our production sites located across the UK can accommodate the full range of customer requirements from a simple, effective carrier for minerals and magnesium right through to the complete balancer feed on more complex feeding systems. NWF Agriculture offers the solution regardless of the complexity of your feeding regime.

With maize grain looking expensive versus wheat and barley this summer, it is worth considering using NWF Ultra Starch-W as a cost and nutritionally effective alternative. Ultra Starch-W is a high energy, high starch feed composed of rolled wheat that has undergone precise treatment to slow the rate of rumen digestion and increase the supply of bypass starch.

Whilst it may be tempting to stay with a feed formula that has worked, it is the perfect time to optimise the diet to ensure the nutritional parameters are met using the most cost-effective raw material mix. The NWF blends team can formulate diet options that save you money. Removing expensive raw materials to reduce cost might appear an attractive option while feed prices are high. Now is the time to evaluate individual ingredients in your blend to consider their overall value, but don’t be tempted to remove a raw material on price alone. More than ever before, don’t overfeed minerals and vitamins as this is wasteful, expensive and unnecessary. Also, avoid underfeeding to save cost as this may be storing up a problem for a later date. Make sure that you get the balance right.

NWF Agriculture will work with you to supply the correct blend that makes your production targets in the most cost-effective way. For more information on our blends, please speak to your local NWF Sales Specialist, or click on Dairy Blends or Beef Blends.

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