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Beef Blends

The use of blends in ruminant systems can offer significant benefits to farmers looking to feed their livestock a nutritionally balanced, cost-effective diet, while reducing the overall costs of feeding their stock.

We can formulate specific blends making use of a wide variety of top quality raw materials, sourced from around the world which are then accurately blended together in our fully UFAS approved facilities.


Cattle Rearer 16 & 18

Available as a 16% & 18% protein blend. Cattle rearer is an ideal first dry feed for youngstock, it contains an excellent balance of top-quality cereal, protein & fibre sources along with a high specification mineral & vitamin package to meet the needs of growing cattle.

Beef Grower B2

A 15% protein, cereal based blend, aimed at feeding semi-intensive beef systems where grass silage is the main forage source. This blend includes a range of high-quality raw materials including NWF Ultra Pro R (rumen protected rape meal) to ensure strong growth rates.

Beef Finisher B1

A high starch beef finisher diet aimed at intensive beef finisher units. Beef Finisher B1 blend includes high levels of rolled barley, wheat and maize to promote lean meat development and achieve excellent daily liveweight gains where rapid finishing is required. This blend can be fed ad lib but should be fed alongside good clean straw with fresh water to achieve maximum growth rates.

Amino Mix 34
A high protein blend concentrate designed to be mixed with processed cereal grains to create a balanced grower or finisher diet. Contains high quality protein sources including Hipro soya meal & NWF Ultra Pro R (rumen protected rape meal) to ensure the protein requirements of all cattle are met.

Depending on what production system is used and forage available, our NWF sales specialists will help to select the right blend that balancers all growth requirements, leading to an efficient growth period.  This also means that in conjunction with forage analysis, bespoke formulations can also be tailor made, unique to each customer.

Our blend plants located at Longtown in Cumbria, Brayton in Cumbria, Wardle in Cheshire and Wixland in Devon are strategically located nationwide to reduce haulage costs onto farm. Along with our considerable buying power this means the cost savings we achieve can be be passed onto our customers, ensuring our prices remain competitive.

Blends offer the flexibility of straights yet have the requirement of only one storage bin. NWF’s bespoke formulations mean our sales specialists can provide a tailor made feed plan, unique to each customer.

NWF Blends can be manipulated to carry a range of feed supplements including:

  • High specification minerals
  • Buffers, yeast and mycotoxin binders
  • Protected proteins such as Ultra Pro R or Ultra Soy, or Optigen
  • Bypass starch such as Ultra Starch W
  • HF Booster Pack – (Vitamin A, D3 & E, Chelated Zinc & Selenium, and Biotin)


Contact your local NWF sales specialist or call 0800 756 2787 for information and prices.

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