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Redefining Hydration and Gut Health NWF Agriculture Launches Exclusive TechMix Range at UK Dairy Day

Ruminant feed manufacturers NWF Agriculture, launches four new products as part of its TechMix range. Specifically developed to redefine hydration and gut health to keep your cattle drinking, eating and producing, the new range includes two products for adult cattle – Fresh Cow YMCP and Rumen Yeast Caps plus two products for calves – Calf Renova and Bluelite Replenish.

The products are formulated and manufactured by TechMix, an innovative, family-owned company grown from its small-town Minnesota roots, and now competing in the global marketplace. The business is a worldwide supplier and industry acknowledged leader in hydration and stress event solutions for production animals. As the sole distributor in the UK of the TechMix range, NWF Agriculture is offering British dairy farmers a high performing solution to readdress herd gut health and hydration. Designed to meet the physiological needs of the dairy cow during periods of stress, TechMix products offer an exciting development to dairy health and performance.

Fresh Cow YMCP
Fresh Cow YMCP is the total fresh cow solution that provides rehydration and nutrients essential to maintain optimum peak yield while also helping to maintain health. The post calving drench provides more than just calcium, magnesium and electrolytes, with Pro and Pre biotics to activate the rumen, helping with recovery and ease the transition into lactation.

Rumen Yeast Caps
When cows are off feed, helping them to return to normal intake levels quickly is a top priority. Rumen Yeast Caps are a source of yeast and vitamins in an easy-to-use bolus form to be used at off-feed events. These boluses help to maintain or restore digestive health by supplying high levels of quality yeast in one simple dose.

Calf Renova
Pre-weaning nutrition and management can impact the metabolism of a calf to determine their life-time productivity. Management of stress events, health, and nutritional challenges in the early months of a calf’s life can result in significant long-term benefits (Bach & Ahedo 2008). Calf Renova is an easy-to-use bolus containing a source of natural ingredients. The bolus includes a botanical extract, naturally occurring microorganisms (Direct Fed Microbials (DFMs)), and yeast fermentation products. Calf Renova provides intestinal support through beneficial bacteria and plant extracts as an effective stimulant for a functioning hind gut.

BlueLite Replenishᴹ
Calf dehydration continues to be a major health problem in young calves. BlueLite® Replenish is a highly palatable liquid, buffered calf electrolyte formulated for the severely dehydrated calf, giving calves the best chance to recover.

Adam Clay, NWF Agriculture, commented; “Understanding the importance of hydration and gut health is vital to the performance and profitability of your herd. Stressful periods such as calving, heat stress, off feed events or diet changes can have significant detrimental impact on the physiology and production of an animal. The TechMix products aim to support and enhance health status and immunity. As the sole UK supplier of TechMix, we’re delighted to be bringing our customers four innovative products that can really make a difference to early life calf development as well as the essential nutrients for rumen development and healthy digestion throughout dairy production.”

DOWNLOAD the NWF TechMix Product Brochure.

Contact the NWF Agriculture team on 0800 756 2787 to learn more about TechMix’s effectiveness on improving livestock gut health and hydration.

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