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Sustainable Feeding for Staffordshire Herd

James Tattersall and his family run Hundred Acre Farm in the heart of the Staffordshire countryside. Calving in July and August, the 130 head Friesian/ Jersey Cross are milked twice a day, with the herd averaging 7000 litres and milk constituent averages of 4.8% butterfat & 4% milk protein. The herd is rotationally grazed from early Spring to late Autumn to maximise efficiencies of homegrown forage. The calves are fed on NWF Calf Starter Pellets & NWF’s Ultra Hi-Pro Heifer milk replacer, whilst the dry cows are supplemented with NWF’s Dry Cow Mineral buckets in the lead-up to calving.

Although not required to feed a soya and palm free ration by the Cheshire-based cheese manufacturer, Joseph Heler, Hundred Acre farm made the switch to the NWF Fusion to improve their farm credentials and operate more sustainably. The NWF Agriculture Fusion Pro ration is a high-performing ration, containing high levels of NWF’s protected range, Ultra Pro-R and Ultra Starch-W. This ensures that high levels of bypass protein and starch are available to support your herd. Manufactured with raw materials at the forefront of the ration, the NWF Fusion Range is free from soya, soya hulls & palm kernel, resulting in less than half the Co2 equivalent (GFLI number) of other compound feeds.

NWF Fusion Pro is available in 16%, 18% and 20% protein. “We have been working closely with NWF Regional Manager, Peter Blundell for the last six years taking a range of compounds and products from the NWF Wardle feed mill. Since making the switch in Autumn 2021 to the Fusion range, I am pleased with the increased milk yields and improved milk constituents, along with the drastic reduction in incidences of ketosis throughout the herd. I’ve also found that the ration is more ‘gentler’ on the rumen and results in fewer issues and keeps DMI high.

The technical sales support from NWF Agriculture has greatly helped our herd get to where they are today, taking advantage of their state-of-the-art laboratory for grass & silage analysis”. In terms of the future, James states, “We don’t have any plans for the near future for expansion or diversification. Our focus here at Hundred Acre Farm is to continue improving practices and efficiencies of the herd and livestock business through effective usage of feed, forage, technical support and herd environment”.

For further information on NWF Dairy Fusion range, please speak to your local NWF Sales Specialist or click HERE.

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