Dry Cow & Fertility

Getting the condition of the cow right throughout the transition period is essential to the profit of her next lactation, and of course for the health of the calve.


In this time the phrase “rest, repair and prepare” has never been more important. NWF Transition Cow Programme is a new complete nutritional programme designed to take dairy cows successfully from drying off through to a productive and healthy early lactation.

For more technical information on NWF Transition Cow Programme please call the technical team on 0800 756 2787.


Dairy cow fertility has declined in recent years. The 2 main issues seem to be identifying correctly when the cow is in heat through the detection of cows showing signs of oestrus and reducing early embryonic death. The problem is multi factorial but nutritional input has a big role to play.

NWF are tackling the problem in a number of ways:

1. Ultra Starch W is a unique raw material that provides a source of by-pass starch. This means that a larger proportion of the starch contained in the raw material by-passes rumen breakdown by microbes and is digested in the abomasum. The result of this is a more stable rumen environment and an increase in Glucogenic precursors (glucose) to the cow. Diets high in Glucogenic nutrients stimulate insulin, a hormone that plays a key role in reproduction. Insulin has a positive impact on the resumption of the oestrus cycle. High Glucogenic diets can also help cows return to positive energy balance faster after calving by increasing the energy supply to the cow and therefore improving rebreeding potential. Ultra Starch W is available in NWF compounds, blends and is also available as a straight.

2. NWF have developed a BCS monitor, providing BCS targets to help track your cows throughout lactation and the transition period. BCS scoring is an important tool when it comes to fertility as studies show that cows that calve down with BCS of 3.5 or higher are at an increased risk of metabolic diseases such as milk fever which has a negative impact on both fertility and cost to the farmer. Speak to your local NWF Sales Specialist in order to take full advantage of this vital tool.

Fertility Audit, from NWF gives a starting point to benchmark your business against industry targets to draw attention to potential problem areas.