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Youngstock Feeds & Blends


NWF have a comprehensive range of feeds to suit any age of Youngstock, available as pellets or nuts.  Formulated using quality raw materials the diets support growth from an early age.

NWF Calf Pellets
A high-quality starter pellet that is suitable from birth until weaning. A high energy, palatable feed formulated to promote early intakes and rumen development.

NWF Vital Rearer
 A specialist diet to complement a grass silage-based diet. Available in a range of proteins.

NWF Super Rearer
A specialist diet to complement a grass silage-based diet. Available in a range of proteins.

NWF Deluxe Rearer
A specialist diet with elevated protein levels to suit straw systems.

For further information on NWF Youngstock feeds please call 0800 756 2787 or contact your local NWF FAR Sales Specialist.


We have a comprehensive range of blends that are tailored to promote healthy youngstock. Correct nutrition in the early years is vital for efficient performance in the milking cow and beef animal.

Our comprheneisve range of Youngstock blends include;

  • Ultra Rearer 21
  • HeiferMax H1 – 18% protein
  • HeiferMax H2 – 16% protein
  • Sweetstart Plus Lucerne
  • Tasty Coarse 16
  • Tasty Coarse 18
  • Tasty Coarse 20
  • Bespoke Blends also available.

DOWNLOAD the NWF Quality Molassed Coarse Calf Blends Leaflet.

In addition to the standard range NWF Agriculture can formulate and manufacture bespoke blends to suit your requirements.

There are a number of the NWF Sales Specialists who are trained in Calf Signals and can provide comprehensive on farm advice for calf rearing including feeding, bedding and shed design.

Our blend plants located at Longtown in Cumbria, Brayton in Cumbria, Wardle in Cheshire and Wixland in Devon are strategically located nationwide to reduce haulage costs onto farm. Along with our considerable buying power this means the cost savings we achieve can be be passed onto our customers, ensuring our prices remain competitive.

For further information on the standard and bespoke range of NWF Youngstock blends please call 0800 756 2787 or contact your local NWF Sales Specialist.

Associated Products

In addition to our comprehensive range of compounds and blends, NWF sell an extensive range of associated products, including Milk Replacers, Supplements, Minerals & more for your youngstock.

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