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Feeding molasses is the easiest way to supply a good source of fermentable energy and sugar essential in any well-balanced diet. A molasses blend helps to maximise rumen function, stimulate fibre digestion, increase dry matter intakes which can lead to improved herd health, performance and fertility.

A co-product of sugar production, molasses is one of the most economical and palatable sources of fermentable energy available, making it a valuable ingredient in dairy, beef and sheep rations. Surprisingly for a liquid feed it is also high in dry matter, and in the case of standard cane molasses up to 75%, which means it offers excellent nutrient density. Using modern blending technology NWF can offer a wide range of products which combine cane molasses with other liquid feeds, the result is a choice of products offering the ideal combination of energy, protein, viscosity and price to suit


  • Improve Dry Matter Intakes – Balancing the diet to include a source of sugar improves digestion efficiency, so the animal is able to consume more. This results in higher dry matter intake (DMI) and in turn higher productive output.
  • Regulated Release – Regulated release is patented liquid feed technology which reduces the cost of protein supplementation. Regulated release allows urea to act as a highly cost-effective nitrogen source, controlling its release to mimic the behaviour of natural protein.
  • Reduce ‘Sorting’ – Trials have proven that adding a molasses blend to a ration can reduce sorting and lead to improved performance.


Regumaize 44

  • High protein 44%
  • Suited for maize, whole crop and low protein grass silage
  • Excellent source of effective rumen degradable protein combined with a high sugar content to improve performance

Regumix 27

  • Mid-range protein content of 27% with a high sugar content
  • Suited to total mixed rations where grass silage is being fed with lower protein ingredients
  • Encourages higher dry matter intakes and utilisation of forage

Millspec 20

  • High sugar, high energy option
  • Suited to systems where there is higher protein complementary feeding
  • Can reduce incidences of sorting and improve fibre digestion

TMRs can often start to heat especially in warmer weather or when containing moist feeds. The heating is from yeasts and bacteria growing in the feed and using the energy and nutrients in the feed.  Fresh-Guard is an option that can be added to any NWF molasses blend. By adding Fresh-Guard to your NWF Molasses ration it prevents TMR diets from heating up and causing waste and spoilage and helps maintain performance. Results have shown that Fresh Guard improves stability and DM feed intake, combating issues which arise especially during May-September when temperatures rise. Using Fresh-Guard within your TMR diet is a cost effective solution.  Utilising forage to its full potential can give huge cost savings on farm.  Due to the variation in silage quality, sampling is key to ensure animal health and productivity is not compromised.


NWF Standard Cane756412.75710
NWF Economol716412.75722
NWF Molale604213.516774
NWF Ice Cool (Molale + Fresh Guard)604213.516774
NWF Millspec 20715612.18.5729
NWF Stockmol 20715612.18.5729
NWF Stimolator603012.518769
NWF Marmalade633812.516800
NWF Molmax67.54511.616743
NWF Pot Black604423.5741
NWF Highland Blend562525
NWF Regumaize 24684812.624745
NWF Regumaize 40675511.840745
NWF Regumaize 44695511.844745
NWF Regumaize 46685011.746745
NWF Regumaize 65675010.465740
NWF Regumaize 66675010.466740
NWF Regumix 27675613.127738
NWF Regupro 3860301238774
NWF Regupro 50604212.450722


Liquid products for sheep help increase dry matter intakes of the ewe prior to lambing.  Adding sugars to the ration can reduce the likelihood of twin lamb disease and helps fibre digestion.  The low substitution rate of molasses will increase nutrient supply close to lambing when the rumen capacity is reduced

  • Sheepmol – A high sugar higher energy liquid feed now incorporating Glycerine
  • Sheepmol Plus – Sheepmol with the addition of a trace element and vitamin package

Molasses are available in both Mini Bulk (1000 to 4000 litres) and Bulk (5 tonnes to 27 tonnes)

If you need on-farm storage and feed-distributing equipment, NWF can help you with that too – from 30-tonne storage tanks to smaller plastic containers, and fixed and portable feeders.  DOWNLOAD the Molasses Storage Tank Information Flyer.

For more information on NWF Molasses ranges please call 0800 756 2787 or contact your local NWF Sales Specialist.

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