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Maize Seed

NWF Agriculture supplies a wide range of carefully selected maize seed, which has been bred by world-leading scientists and extensively field tested. Selected with an emphasis on high productivity, yield and strong environmental credentials, our wide range of maize seeds present the opportunity to improve livestock performance, efficiency and animal health.

Whatever your needs are for maize in the coming year, we can offer you a wide range of maize seeds to suit all. From improving previous yields to more cost-effective feeding sources, get in touch with your local NWF sales specialist for more information on our current range of seeds.

Extra/Very Early Maturity

Pioneer P7179
In PACTS trials it has shown itself to now be the earliest maturity hybrid in the Pioneer range. It has given an average dry matter content of 43.5%.

Pioneer P7326
P7326 is an obvious choice for growers who are seeking a hybrid that will reach 30% dry matter quickly and produce good yields of high starch content silage.

Pioneer P7034
P7034 is a very early maturity hybrid with a dent grain texture providing high levels of rumen degradable starch.

Pioneer P7381
P7381 is a new extra early maturity hybrid and one of several new Pioneer hybrids that promise to raise the yields achieved from hybrids of this maturity. P7381 is an impressive flint dent grain textured hybrid that has given very high yields in its first year.

Early Maturity

Pioneer P7364
P7364 is a tall, very early maturity, hybrid with very good early vigour and very good standing ability.

Pioneer P7948
P7948 is a multi-purpose hybrid that has given high yields of high-quality forage suitable for livestock and biogas production, along with high yields of grain when combined. It is suitable for sowing on favourable sites in the open, and favourable locations under film providing it is sown within the normal planting period.

Pioneer P7655
Suitable only for favourable locations. P7655 is a new hybrid that promises extra high-quality yields. On favourable sites, after its first year of PACTS testing, it gave the highest starch content of any hybrid at 38.9% with a dry matter yield of 115%. This equates to a 15% moisture grain yield of 10.7 tonnes per hectare, making P7655 an exciting new hybrid.

Intermediate Maturity

Pioneer P8200
P8200 is a tall, large stature, intermediate maturity hybrid ideally suited to cultivation on a wide range of sites under film. It is also suitable for sowing on favourable sites in the open. P8200 has given very high dry matter yields of silage with good starch content..

Late Maturity

Pioneer DS1897B
DS1897B is a tall, late maturing very high yielding flint grain textured hybrid. As a late maturing hybrid it is suited to favourable sites where a high dry matter yield is sought.

In addition to maize seed, NWF Agriculture also supplies a comprehensive range of grass and forage seeds.

Read the NWF grass seed brochure online HERE.

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