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Grass Seed

The Champion & Ultra grass seed mixtures are grown, blended and packaged by Barenbrug UK, one of the largest grass seed breeders and producers in the UK.

Grass is the most important resource in livestock production. Well managed grassland has the ability to provide the most economic feed source on the farm and a large proportion of the necessary ration.

Barenbrug UK are internationally respected grass breeders dedicated to ensuring farmers achieve the maximum return from grass growth. Their expertise and skills have led to the development a superb range of quality grass seed mixtures for NWF Agriculture.

3 reasons to renew your pasture:
1. Better stock performance and health
2. Greater management and flexibility
3. Increase profitability

SHORT TERM LEYS – 1 to 2 years

Ultra Turbo Mix
A highly productive short term Italian ryegrass blend.

After Maize Fast Grass
Delivering a high quality grass crop after maize has been harvested.

SHORT TERM LEYS – 2 to 3 years

Ultra High-Pro Red
An outstanding high yielding high protein cutting ley.

Ultra Early Abundance
The ultimate high yielding, high-quality short term cutting ley.

MEDIUM TERM LEYS – 3 to 5 years

Ultra Renovate
Ideal to improve the productivity of a low performing tired ley for 3-5 years.

Ultra Hybrid
A high yielding cutting ley containing 3 of the best Hybrid ryegrass varieties available. Designed as an intensive cutting ley producing high quality silage for 3-5 years. It fits well into medium term rotations, is suitable for multi cut systems and AD plan

Ultra Cut n Graze
An excellent cutting and grazing ley for 3 to 5 years duration. Will produce top quality high yielding silage cuts. Gives the option to graze after cutting.

LONG TERM LEYS – 5 years plus

Ultra Intensive Dairy
A highly productive grazing ryegrass mixture that will give season-long quality forage.

Ultra Longlife
A permanent pasture mixture, with the option to take later cuts of quality silage.

NWF Champion Grass Mixtures
Our number one selling mixture. A proven long-term top class dual purpose mixture that produces excellent quality forage production whether cut or grazed.
Champion with Clover
 without Clover

In addition to our comprehensive range of grass seeds, we also sell a comprehensive range of clover blends, root and fodder crops, brassicas along with environmental and biodiversity ranges.

In addition to grass seed, NWF Agriculture also supplies a range of forage seeds including maize, sugar beet, turnips etc.  To plan fertiliser requirements NWF offers a Soil Analysis Service, kits from £15 to test for pH, P, K & Mg.

Read the NWF 2024 grass seed brochure online HERE.

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