Today’s high yielding dairy cow requires precise feeding to ensure yield and milk quality are optimised, that she gets back in calf quickly and suffers minimal health problems during lactation.

She then needs to be prepared for the next lactation.

Dairy compounds continue to offer significant advantages to dairy farmers whether they operate a simple system based on compound as the only supplement to forage, use out of parlour feeders to target specific cows or feed a small amount to supplement a mixed diet.

NWF offer a wide range of feeds to suit all types of dairy management systems and key to their effective use is the local NWF Feed Specialist along with the Technical Solutions. Whether you have a 10,000 litre herd or a grass-based system or a robotic set up, we have the expertise and the appropriate feed to suit your system and take your business forward. We also have an extensive range of dry cow feeds to ensure your cows calve down in optimum condition and fully prepared for lactation.

We also provide a range of compounds, blends and supplements to help ensure your dairy replacements enter the herd on time and well grown.

For grazing systems we have a choice of products to complement grazed grass. Containing by-pass protein and energy sources to ensure effective rumen function our compounds will help you maximise yields and margins at grazing.

Our feed specialists are trained and equipped to help you allow your cows to express their full potential. We have two feed mills, one at the head office in Wardle, Cheshire and the other at Wixland in Devon. In addition we have blend plants at Ayr, Penrith. Wardle and Wixland.

Contact your NWF feed specialist or call our trading team on 0800 756 2787 to find out more.