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Wheat Distillers

A very palatable, high energy and protein feed, rich in digestible fibre, low in starch and providing a good source of bypass protein. Wheat Distillers are a product of the bioethanol industry. Following the fermentation of wheat and the distillation of ethanol, they are obtained from drying solid residues of fermented grains and adding evaporated syrups (solubles).


High in energy and protein, which is partly degradable, can be used alongside NWF’s protected proteins to replace soya when the price ratio encourages it.


• Highly palatable feed
• High quality protein and a good source of bypass protein
• Distillery products contain high levels of yeast fragments particularly in the solubles fraction
• High proportion of the energy as digestible fibre
• Pellet durability can be an issue

Feed Rates

• Milking Cows Up to 4 (typically 3)kg
• Dry Cows Up to 2 kg
• Replacement Heifers Up to 3 kg and up to 35% of the DMI
• Calves (to 12 weeks) Up to 1.5 kg and up to 25% of the DMI
• Growing Cattle Up to 2.5 kg and up to 40% of the DMI
• Finishing Cattle Up to 4 kg and up to 40% of the DMI
• Suckler Cows Up to 4 (typically 2)kg
• Ewes and Rams Up to 1 (typically 0.5)kg
• Hoggets and Lambs Up to 0.75 kg and up to 50% of the DMI