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A high digestible fibre energy and palatable pelleted feed, designed to be used in a range of mechanical handling and feed systems.
Supaflow is a co-product from sugar production. Once the sugar has been diffused out from the beet, the fibrous residues are dried and combined with molasses. They are then pelleted and then finely coated with palm oil to produce the final product.


Can stimulate intake, assist in optimising rumen pH and increase ration energy density without increasing risk of acidosis, which assists with maintaining animal health and milk butter fat.


• A highly palatable feed
• Good levels of non-starch digestible fibre energy
• High content of digestible fibre
• Suitable for a wide range of livestock
• Molassed, fat coated 6mm pellet
• Blowable and suitable for storage in feed bins
• Preferable to imported products which are hard 8/10mm pellets

Feed Rates

• Milking Cows Up to 6 (typically 3)kg
• Dry Cows Up to 2 kg
• Replacement Heifers Up to 2 kg and up to 40% of the DMI
• Calves (to 12 weeks) Up to 1.5 kg and up to 40% of the DMI
• Growing Cattle Up to 2.5 kg and up to 40% of the DMI
• Finishing Cattle Up to 5 kg and up to 50% of the DMI
• Suckler Cows Up to 4 (typically 2)kg
• Ewes and Rams Up to 1 (typically 0.5)kg
• Hoggets and Lambs Up to 1 kg and up to 50% of the DMI