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Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium Bicarbonate is, by far, the most widely used and cost-effective rumen buffer.


Optimal rumen function is essential in order to maximise performance as well as allowing maximum utilisation of low-cost forages. Rumen function can be impaired by feeding high cereal rations, acidic silages, short chop forage and starchy forages which in turn can lead to im-paired digestion, reduced intakes and poor performance (e.g. reduced butterfat). Feeding Sodium Bicarbonate assists the saliva in its buffering capacity, thus reducing the risk of large drops in rumen pH which can lead to acidosis.

This is practically demonstrated with:

• Improved forage intakes
• Effective fibre digestion
• Higher milk yields
• Enhanced milk quality, increased butterfat
• Improved feed conversion and liveweight gain

Typical Analysis

Sodium 27%

Feed Rates

In ruminant animals, the correct digestion of dietary intake is essential in achieving maximum output. The conditions in the rumen are continually challenged by the different feeds offered. Sodium Bicarbonate offers one alternative to reaching optimum rumen pH by helping to neutralise the acidic conditions typically caused by feeding high lactic acid silages and/or excess rapidly rumen-fermented carbohydrates. It can be controlled by feeding at an appropriate rate of up to 250 grammes per head per day of Sodium Bicarbonate.

Pack Size

25kg or Tote bags