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Rumen Yeast Capsules

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Rumen Yeast Caps are a source of yeast and vitamins in an easy-to-use bolus form to be used at off-feed events.


• Contains 30 Billion CFU’s of live yeast cultures
• Includes the recommended 6 grams of Niacin which is essential for energy metabolism
• Vitamin E supports animal health during stressful periods
• Promotes an optimal rumen environment
• Supports optimum feed effi ciency and encourages dry matter intakes

Feed Rates

When to use
• Anytime dry matter intake drops i.e. after calving, during heat stress or environmental challenges
• After antibiotic treatment

Directions for use
Give one capsule daily using the large applicator for a maximum of 2-3 days following calving, or whenever feed or dry matter intake drops below normal.
Do not exceed 3 boluses.

Pack Size

25 capsules per pot