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Regupro 50

A high protein and energy molasses based liquid containing regulated release urea and distillery syrups, providing palatable sugar based energy and a large proportion of rumen degradable protein to complement forages especially wholecrop and maize silage or straw plus roots.


• Highly palatable liquid
• Slow release urea technology
• Cost effective way of feeding ERUDP
• An excellent source of fermentable ener-gy and protein
• A binding liquid
• A free flowing liquid


Regupro 50 is ideally suited to feeding in a complete diet mix using a feeder waggon, poured over forage or fed free-access through wheel lick feeders.

Feed Rates

• Dairy Cows Between 1-3kg
• Beef Between 1-3kg or up to 10% of the concentrate part of the diet, where physical handling is the limit rather than the feed level.
• Sheep Can be offered in ball feeders or as part of a concentrated part of the ration, 10% maximum in the mix, or up to 0.5kg