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Regumaize 46

A liquid feed comprising of Cane Molasses and Urea. This unique process developed by EDF & Mann is designed to give rumen bacteria exactly what they need to thrive on. Regumaize 46 provides a good source of palatable sugar based energy and rumen degradable protein.


• High protein and high sugars
• High technology bonded urea
• Urea released at a safe rate in the rumen
• Versatile, can be used in dairy, beef or sheep diets
• A one for one replacement for rape / soya mix


Regumaize 46 can be fed as part of a TMR, within a blend or as a straight liquid by pouring onto other feeds or via ball feeders.

Feed Rates

• Dairy Cows Between 1-2kg
• Beef Between 1-2kg
• Sheep Can be offered to sheep up to 7% of concentrate or up to 0.2kg