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Prota White Clover Blend

Why use a blend of clover types?

• Different varieties of white clovers are best suited to different management; small leaf varieties are most suited to sheep grazing, whereas large leaf varieties are most suited to silage production
• By using a blend of different varieties there is always at least two that are best suited to whatever the management being applied to the sward
• The use of a blend of different clovers broadens the genetic diversity, disease and pest resistance of the clover content of the sward

How will animals performance on a clover/grass sward?

• Animals prefer to graze a clover/grass sward; this results in higher voluntary intakes and better animal performance
• In trials cattle grazed on a clover/grass sward had an intake of 9.2kg of dry matter per day and a liveweight gain of 1.1kg per day, compared with those grazed only on grass of 6.7kg intake and 0.8kg/day liveweight gain
• Trials with dairy cows have shown that that for each 10% increase of the white clover content of the pasture, milk yield increases of between 0.3 and 0.45kg per cow per day
• Therefore a sward which has a 30% clover content, which is an average for midsummer, can be producing up to 1.35kgs of milk per cow per day more from the clover
• 3kg FINTONA Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass (TET)

Are there any other benefits of white clover?

• White clover fixes atmospheric nitrogen making it available as a nutrient to feed the clover as well as the companion
• It is estimated that white clover will fix between 100 and 280 kg N per hectare per year. The quantity of Nitrogen fixed depends on soil type and husbandry
• Grass/clover swards without fertiliser Nitrogen can produce yields similar to those of pure grass swards receiving around 200kg N per hectare per year
• The presence of white clover will reduce the development of crown rust in the grass portion of the sward.


• 10% S184 White Clover
• 30% BUDDY White Clover
• 40% DUBLIN White Clover
• 20% BARBLANCA White Clover