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Pioneer P7381

P7381 is a new extra early maturity hybrid and one of several new Pioneer hybrids that promise to raise the yields achieved from hybrids of this maturity. P7381 is an impressive flint dent grain textured hybrid that has given very high yields in its first year of PACTS open trials in 2022. P7381 combines good ratings for early vigour, standing power and eyespot resistance to provide growers with the promise of reliable field performance. P7381 gave starch yields in favourable PACTS trials equivalent to over 10 tonnes per hectare of grain, and over 9.5 tonnes per hectare on less favourable sites. On both favourable and less favourable PACTS sites its average starch content was a ‘lofty’ 37.4%.

Hybrid Characteristics

• Very high dry matter yields for this maturity

• Very high starch yields for this maturity

• Good early vigour

• Very fast stover dry down at maturity