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NWF Ultra Turbo Mix

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A highly productive short term Italian ryegrass blend


• A highly productive Italian ley
• Grows down to 3ºC soil temperature, extending the growing season for store lambs or wintering hogs
• Contains high ranking BARMULTRA II which has excellent spring grazing and silage yields
• High response to Nitrogen inputs and high fertility situations. Ultra Turbo Mix will produce 20% more yield than perennial ryegrass leys
• Capable of producing four cuts of high quality, high yielding silage

Designed For

• Producing maximum amounts of quality forage under a high input/high fertility system
• A first cut at the end of May, producing 70+D value silage with a second cut five weeks later
• Giving a very long growing season it is ideal for early turnout or lamb finishing


• Fits well into cereal crop rotation
• Ideal for following maize and giving a two year break
• Gives high quality aftermath grazing


6kg ABYS Italian Ryegrass (DIP)
3kg BARMULTRA II Italian Ryegrass (TET)
3kg MESSINA Italian Ryegrass (TET)

Sward Management

Grows at temperatures as low as 3ºC, so the farm must be able to use this early growth. A first cut at the end of May, following a spring grazing will produce 70+ D value silage, with a second cut five weeks later. Will yield up to 17tDM/ha in its first year under high input management and will achieve up to six cuts a year.

Pack Size

12kg per acre, 1,216 seeds/m2