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NWF Ultra Starch-W

Maize products are commonly used to provide bypass starch. However, although the levels of bypass starch are higher than in other cereals, they are expensive ingredients.


It is well excepted that highly productive ruminants have a high glucose requirement as glucose is the main driver for milk production.
This product produces a cost effective source of bypass starch based on rolled wheat treated through our unique process which significantly increases the amount of bypass starch.


• Total starch 679 g/kg DM.
• By-pass starch 285 g/kg DM
• Gluco-TN value (glucogenic energy) 348 g/Kg DM.
• Increased starch levels without upsetting the rumen
• Increased supply of glucose to the udder
• Increased milk yield potential

Feed Rates

  • Milking Cows Up to 4kg
  • Dry Cows Up to 1.5kg for 4-6 weeks prior to calving
  • Replacement Heifers Up to 1kg
  • Beef Include as part of ration where Gluco-TN precursors are required (particularly finishing bulls)
  • Sheep Include as part of ration according to level of production required