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NWF Ultra Pro-R

A high-quality vegetable protein which, as a result of precise treatment of rapeseed meal, contains a high level of Digestible Un-degradable Protein (DUP) (by-pass protein) (MPE + MPN).


• Cost effective source of by-pass protein, needed in high performance animals
• 75%+ DUP (MPE + MPN)


NWF Ultra Pro-R can be used to balance the Rumen Degradable Protein (ERDP) and DUP content of the ration. It has a valuable role to play in dairy, calf, beef and sheep and goat rations where DUP can be the limiting factor.

Feed Rates

  • Milking Cows 0.3-1.5kg
  • Dry Cows Up to 0.6kg for 4-6 weeks prior to calving
  • Replacement Heifers Up to 3 kg
  • Beef Include as part of ration where extra DUP is required (particularly bulls)
  • Sheep Include as part of ration according to level of production required