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NWF Ultra Milk Sapphire

A high-quality whey-based milk replacer, a good all-rounder replacer which has the addition of the Greenguard to support digestive health and performance.


A combination of additives to help support the health and growth potential of the calf.

• Butyrate
• Acidified


Suitable for all beef & dairy breeds, home bred or market purchased.


Specially developed to:

• To meet the calf’s nutritional requirements to support accelerated growth rates
• High levels of dairy proteins for optimal solubility and digestibility
• Using specific spray dried technology


Feed Rates

Standard plane of nutrition: Feed a minimum of 4 litres per day of milk replacer mixed at a rate of 125g MR to 875L water to make 1L. Slowly increase this to 6 Litres by 20 days of age. Mix at 42oC, feed at 39-40oC.