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NWF Ultra Milk Blue

NWF’s leading whey based milk replacer product provides reliable and consistent performance. Ultra Milk Blue is suitable for different feeding systems – bucket feeding, automatic feeders etc.
This excellent product enables fast cost-effective growth and development with enhanced concentrate feed intake at this critical stage in life.


• Easy Mix
• Acidified


Suitable for all beef & dairy breeds, home bred or market purchased.


Specially developed using:

• Carefully selected milk solids with maxi-mum nutritional solids
• Balanced blends of vegetable fats and oils, homogenised and emulsified for maximum digestibility
• Full supplement of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Feed Rates

Standard plane of nutrition: Mix at a rate of 125g CMR to 875ml of water to make 1L.

Enhanced plane of nutrition: Mix at a rate of 150g CMR to 850ml of water to make 1L.

Slowly increase this to 8 Litres by 20 days of age.

Mix at 42°C, feed at 39-40°C.

Feed at least twice a day, young calves may benefit from being fed three times a day.