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NWF Ultra Longlife

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A permanent pasture mixture, with the option to take later cuts of quality silage


• The permanent pasture mixture
• Exceptionally versatile, suitable for both cutting and grazing
• Produces a dense, productive ley, for high quality grazing
• Including quality white clovers CRUSADER and BARBLANCA contributes both protein and minerals, to ensure maximum performance from the grazing animal
• The very high yielding Timothy, COMER, gives mid-season production and variety to the sward
• COMER Timothy increases spring growth by 34% and persistence under extreme conditions

Designed For

• Intensive production from grazing a highly palatable, very digestible ley
• Creating a tight persistent sward that is highly resistant to poaching
• Season long grazing from early spring to late autumn


• Ultra Longlife produces a dense leafy sward that is easily managed. The use of early, intermediate and late heading varieties means that production is season long
• The varieties used have been selected for their persistence as well as their palatability and mid-season digestibility to produce a long lasting, productive sward


2.5kg MOYOLA Early Perennial Ryegrass (DIP)
2kg GLENARIFF Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass (DIP)
2kg CALEDON Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass (TET)
2kg DRUMBO Late Perennial Ryegrass (DIP)
3kg BALLINTOY Late Perennial Ryegrass (TET)
0.75kg COMER Timothy
0.75kg PROTA WHITE White Clover Blend

Sward Management

Ultra Longlife is designed to give fantastic spring growth as well as season-long production utilising a combination of early intermediate and late heading perennial ryegrass varieties and Timothy. Therefore it is ideal for farms where early spring grazing is important. Giving later fields a chance to get going. It can then be shut up for 1 or 2 cuts of silage (or hay) followed by grazing for the rest of the season.

Pack Size

13kg per acre, 2,369 seeds/m²