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NWF Ultra Early Abundance

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The ultimate high yielding high quality short term cutting


• Very high yielding two-three year predominantly cutting mixture
• Responds to high inputs by producing 20% more than long term leys
• A ley that will produce forage very early and late in the season
• Includes ABYS and BARMULTRA II some of the very best Italian ryegrasses available
• New variety Bannfoot produces improved yields with high D value along with excellent persistency. It also has a good all round disease profile
• Good digestibility is combined with excellent palatability and high sugars

Designed For

• Intensive production over an 18-36 month period
• Up to four silage cuts with over winter grazing
• Long grazing season from early spring to late autumn
• Ideal as a catch crop, will give excellent production from an early spring or late summer sowing


• A highly productive ley, which will give exceptional crops for silage, grazing or hay, from a high input system
• A mixture for the farmer who wants to maximise their own production from a short term grass crop in a rotation


3kg KIRIAL Hybrid Ryegrass (TET)
3kg BANNFOOT Hybrid Ryegrass (TET)
4kg BARMULTRA II Italian Ryegrass (TET)
3kg ABYS Italian Ryegrass (DIP)

Sward Management

A first cut in the middle of May will produce 70+ D value silage, with a second cut six to eight weeks later. Hybrid and Italian ryegrass responds positively to high levels of fertility, by producing 20% more yield than Perennial Ryegrass.

Pack Size

13kg acre, 991 seeds/ m²