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NWF Myco Challenge Farm Pak

An enhanced version of Healthy Rumen Pak that contains Yea-Sacc and a higher rate of Mycosorb. Combined these products help to ensure that the conditions in the rumen are maintained at a level to promote high intakes, efficient digestion and increased yields.



• Scavenges oxygen from the rumen, removing the ‘barrier’ to efficient fibre digestion
• Promotes beneficial bacteria in the rumen, increases fibre breakdown by up to 20% and helps reduce the incidence of Sub Acute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA)
• Maintains a more stable rumen pH
• Increases dry matter intake by up to 1.4kg
• Increases milk yield by up to 1.4kg

Mycosorb A+

• Broad-spectrum action against a wide range of mycotoxins
• Stops mycotoxins attacking the rumen and the cow
• Cost effective formulation helps protect the immune sys­ tem of your cattle
• Improves dung consistency

Feed Rates

50g per cow per day

Pack Size

25kg bags