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NWF Hybrid

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A high yielding cutting ley containing 3 of the best Hybrid ryegrass varieties available. Designed as an intensive cutting ley producing high quality silage for 3-5 years. It fits well into medium term rotations, is suitable for multi cut systems and AD plants.


• Designed for a mid May first cut
• Available with clover if required
• Barclamp has very high yields in its first season, excellent early spring growth and high crown rust resistance.
• New variety Bannfoot produces improved yields with high D value along with excellent persistency. It also has a good all round disease profile.


• Will produce 10-15% more yield than Perennial ryegrass leys due to the ability to use Nutrients efficiently via its long season growth
• Ultra Hybrid delivers a superb silage mixture for farmers. It has a tight heading date range and excellent disease resistance offering strong silage production throughout the season
• Offers multiple entries for slurry / digestate application, making the most of home produced nutrients.


5kg BARCLAMP Hybrid Ryegrass (DIP)
4.5kg BANNFOOT Hybrid Ryegrass (TET)
4.5kg KIRIAL Hybrid Ryegrass (TET)

Sward Management

Hybrid ryegrasses grow at soil temperatures as low as 5-6oC. This lower temperature growth means the grasses get away earlier in the spring
and grow later in the autumn extending the growing season and therefore production of the ley. This also allows the sowing window for Ultra Hybrid to be lengthened.

Pack Size

14kg acre