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NWF Healthy Rumen Pak

Dairy cows often underperform for no apparent reason, with depressed feed intakes and yields. In most cases the problem is poor rumen health. As the rumen produces around 70% of the energy and protein used by the cow, anything that disrupts the rumen disrupts the cow.


NWF Healthy Rumen Pak contains Yea-Sacc and Mycosorb A+, formulated to help ensure the conditions in the rumen are maintained at a level to promote high intakes, efficient digestion and increased yields.

NWF Healthy Rumen Pak can also deliver benefits when fed to cattle and calves. In cattle it will help increase liveweight gain by over 10%, improving carcass composition and reduce risk of bloat. Calves will see an improvement in dry matter intake and liveweight gains by 8%.



• Scavenges oxygen from the rumen, removing the ‘barrier’ to efficient fibre digestion
• Promotes beneficial bacteria in the rumen, increases fibre breakdown by up to 20% and helps reduce the incidence of Sub Acute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA)
• Maintains a more stable rumen pH
• Increases dry matter intake by up to 1.4kg
• Increases milk yield by up to 1.4kg

Mycosorb A+

• Broad spectrum action against a wide range of mycotoxins
• Stops mycotoxins attacking the rumen and the cow
• Cost effective formulation helps protect the immune system of your cattle
• Improves dung consistency


50g per cow/day FA or IF