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A blend of Cane Molasses and by-product liquids from the food and distillery industry.
An extremely palatable free flowing blend of Cane Molasses and distillery syrups, designed to stimulate dry matter intake. Molale provides valuable protein and high energy predominantly as sucrose sugars and residual carbohydrates from grain fermentation and yeast.


• Well balanced, palatable product
• Versatile, can be used in dairy, beef and sheep diets
• Background copper content useful for cattle
• Boosts intakes of forage


Molale is suitable for all classes of cattle from young calves through to adult stock.

Feed Rates

• Dairy Cows Between 1- 3kg in complete diets, ball feeders, or as part of trough feed
• Beef Between 1-3kg if fed in complete diets or up to 10% of the concentrate part of the diets, where physical handling is the limit rather than the feed level
• Sheep Caution must be taken when feeding sheep as the presence of copper from Pot Ale Syrup may prevent its use