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Milkivit Energized Lamb Milk Replacer

Milkivit Energized Lamb Milk has been designed to help lambs achieve their full growth potential. Energized Lamb Milk is a precisely formulated lamb milk replacer containing specially selected milk products, highly digestible oils and proteins plus vitamins and minerals to satisfy the requirements of fast-growing lambs. It is available in skimmed milk (50%) or whey-based options.


• Improved energy density – digestible energy to support early life survivability, immune system support and DLWG.

• Optimal protein digestibility – this product contains 100% dairy protein for optimal protein digestion.

• Controlled osmolality – formulated with lower osmolality alongside careful advice on the concentration of the feed, to ensure gut integrity helping to decrease bloat and diarrhoea severity.

• Careful mineral & vitamin supplementation – inclusions have recently been reviewed to ensure the supply will meet requirements from a range of natural and synthetic Vitamin E, and by using Optimins (Fe, Mn, Zn and SeY).


This easy-mixing milk replacer is ideally suited to all bottle and most ad lib lamb feeding systems. Milkivit Energized Lamb Milk should be introduced directly following on from colostrum feeding.

Feed Rates

• Restricted feeding: Mix replacer at a concentration of 175g to make 1 litre
(175g of replacer to 825ml of water). Mix at 420C and feed out at 38-40°C.

• Machine feeding: Calibrate the machine to feed at concentration of 175g
per litre. Mix at 42°C and feed out at 38-40°C.

• Cool Ad-Lib feeding: Mix and feed at a concentration of 175g/litre (175g of
replacer to 825ml of water).