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Maize Distillers

A high-energy mid-protein feed. A by-product of either grain whisky production (often for gin or vodka manufacturing) or ethanol production. Maize is soaked to release the starch reserves for fermentation. The grain which remains after the liquor is removed is often called wet draff. This can be pressed and dried with the leftover yeast syrups to produce distillers grains.


High in fibre, but well digested by ruminants. A high-energy, mid-protein feed which is reasonably undegradable in the rumen. It is low in starch because of its extraction but, has the highest energy value of all distillers grains, being higher in oil content than other distillers grains.


•   Very palatable feed

•   High-quality protein and a source of bypass protein

•   High proportion of the energy as digestible fibre and oil

Feed Rates

• Milking Cows Up to 4 (typically 3)kg
• Dry Cows Up to 2 kg
• Replacement Heifers Up to 3 kg and up to 35% of the DMI
• Calves (to 12 weeks) Up to 1.5 kg and up to 25% of the DMI
• Growing Cattle Up to 2.5 kg and up to 40% of the DMI
• Finishing Cattle Up to 5 kg and up to 40% of the DMI
• Suckler Cows Up to 4 (typically 2)kg
• Ewes and Rams Up to 1 (typically 0.5)kg
• Hoggets and Lambs Up to 0.75 kg and up to 50% of the DMI