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NWF Ultra Renovate

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Ideal to improve the productivity of a low performing tired ley for 3-5 years


• Renovate is a 100% ryegrass blend for areas of good fertility
• Uses varieties which are aggressive enough to establish in an existing sward yet easy
to manage
• Specifically designed to work best with specialist overseeding techniques

Designed For

• Restoring productivity into underperforming leys
• Re-introducing vigorous highly productive grasses into a sward
• Improving the quality of a sward for better animal performance
• Repairing damage caused by poaching
• Use with specialist overseeding techniques


• Includes varieties which are vigorous enough to establish in an existing sward
• Easy to manage
• Can be used spring or autumn to repair and renovate swards
• Increases the proportion of productive grasses in a sward


7kg BANNFOOT Hybrid Ryegrass (TET)
6kg FINTONA Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass (TET)
7kg BIJOU Late Perennial Ryegrass (TET)

Sward Management

Existing sward should be topped or grazed short and harrowed to remove any dead material and to create some tilth for the new grass seed. Soil fertility (Ph, P,K Mg status) and structure should also be assessed to identify any underlying field issues.

Pack Size

10kg per acre packed in 20kg bags, 707.00 seeds/m2 @10kg/acre