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Hydrated Lime (Biolime H90)

Biolime helps control bacteria and mastitis to protect your milk yield and the investment you’ve made in land, feed and the herd. Simple to handle and easy to apply, this specially blended hydrated lime is quick to take effect and produce results

Designed For

Dairy/Cattle Benefits

• Prevents mastitis
• Reduces hoof infection/lameness
• No risk of hydrogen sulphide
• Improves hygiene in calf pens
• Helps to prevent against Scours & Pneumonia
• Helps keep calf pens dry
• Helps destroy Tuberculosis and Brucellosis in cattle slurry

Sheep Benefits

• Prevents lameness
• Improves hygiene in lambing pens
• Helps to prevent against Scours, Watery mouth, Navel ill and Joint ill
• Prevents Scald and Foot rot when applied to gathering areas, gateways and at housing

Poultry/Game Benefits

• Improves biosecurity
• Protects against Avian influenza, Newcastle disease, Marek’s disease and bacterial infections caused by Salmonella, Coccidiosis, E-Coli and Barchyspira
• Reduces fly activity
• Improves hygiene for a healthy flock environment

Pack Size

25kg bags or tote bags