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Fresh Cow YMCP

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Fresh Cow YMCP is the total fresh cow solution that provides rehydration and nutrients essential to maintain optimum peak yield while also helping to maintain health.


• Contains live yeast to support rumen function
• Promotes an optimal rumen environment
• Calcium derived from four different sources, including highly palatable and easy-to-absorb milk calcium which supports muscle tone of the uterus
• Magnesium to help the body absorb calcium
• Added potassium required for energy metabolism
• Includes Niacin which is essential for energy metabolism
• Betaine promotes intracellular hydration
• Vitamin E and Zinc chelate to support animal health during stressful periods
• Highly palatable and non-abrasive formula


Field trials show blood calcium can be stimulated by feeding YMCP to fresh cows. The YMCP cows showed a normal decline in blood calcium but they never dropped below 7.4 (mg/dl) or experienced any signs of milk fever (Figure 1 over the page). The control cows fell further (5.3 mg/dl), but recovery started after 24-36 hours. A “healthy” cow range is  approximately 8-10 mg/dl, sub-clinical 8-6 mg/dl and clinical 6 and below.

Feed Rates

When to use
• Immediately post-calving
• To offer support during metabolic disorders including milk fever, hypocalcaemia,
ketosis, displaced abomasum’s and retained placentas
• For cows that are energy deficient or have been off feed
• Post-surgery

Directions for use
Feed 500g (one sachet) as soon as possible after calving through bucket or drench
• Water Use: Mix one sachet of Fresh Cow YMCP with 20 litres of warm water. For best
results, offer as soon as possible after calving to ensure the cow drinks the full bucket.
• Drench Use: Mix one sachet of Fresh Cow YMCP with 1-2 litres of warm water then
drench. Drench suspension slowly to permit swallowing.
YMCP is water dispersible, not fully water soluble. Ensure the mixed solution is not
left to settle.

Pack Size

20 x 500g per 10kg Bucket

Product code 2186