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Feed Grade Urea

Urea is an economic non-protein nitrogen (NPN) source for boosting protein levels in ruminant rations. It is also a highly effective preservative for cereals.


Adequate protein supply to the rumen is essential to enable microorganisms to utilise dietary energy, in particular from forage. Ammonia is a major source of nitrogen for the synthesis of microbial protein in the rumen. Urea when fed, is readily converted to ammonia by urease enzyme in the rumen, thus providing an economic source of Rumen Degradable Protein.


• Highly concentrated effective protein source for adult ruminants
• Supplies rapidly available nitrogen
• Good balancer for low protein, high energy feeds
• Can be used to preserve moist forage or grain
• Alkaline pH results from hydrolysis with water
• Very toxic if offered at even moderate levels

Feed Rates

Urea provides a good source of Effective Rumen Degradable Protein (ERDP) to adult ruminants, but care should always be taken to ensure diets are correctly balanced. As feeding levels are very low due to its high ‘protein’ content, it is essential that Urea is mixed thoroughly with other feeds prior to offering to animals.

Pack Size

25kg bags