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Crimped Maize

New early maturing varieties now allow maize to be used as a concentrate feed source rather than as a forage crop as in the past.


Crimped maize grain complements all forms of silage, whole crop cereals and conventional cereals by providing a high energy source of bypass starch. Optimum rumen function is critical for high yielding dairy cows and high levels of rapidly digested cereal starch from wheat and barley reduces rumen pH, impairs rumen microbial
function, and increases the risk of acidosis.
The type of starch present in maize differs in structure to that of wheat and barley, and crimping the maize grain results in a slower rate of starch digestion in the rumen. A greater amount of undigested starch passes into the lower gut, where the increased digestion improves the glucose supply to the tissue and improves the overall efficiency of dietary energy to milk and meat.


Can be used to replace maize silage, increase energy density of ration, particularly early lactation and supports milk proteins.


• Suitable for all classes of ruminants
• Crimped maize has highest bypass starch
• Increases milk yield
• Increases milk protein output
• Improves fertility by reducing loss of body condition in early lactation