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County HS5 Range

The HS5 is a unique silo designed with a 90/50 side discharge cone to quickly and easily fill mixer wagons eliminating the need for augers. This exclusive design provides excellent mass feed flow for all materials whilst ensuring feed is stored in the optimum condition for your animals.


• Volumes from 12.8m3 to 46.7m3
• Galvanised or Plasteel™ (Plastic coated galvanised steel) construction
• Smooth internal walls
• Pressure relief valve
• AutoVent
• FloView™ SafetyClean panel
• External, lockable filler pipe
• Heavy-duty top filler bend (5mm wall thickness)
• Independent exhaust pipe
• Level indicators
• Crane lifting points
• Galvanised support structure designed to Eurocode 1, Part 1-4
• Standard clearance under chute: 2.8m