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Caustic Soda Pearls

The treatment of cereals, legumes and oilseeds with Caustic Soda Pearls (Sodagrain treatment) is a well proven and effective technique. Treated grains can be fed without further processing.


The Sodagrain process is also an effective way of preserving moist grain.
As an additional benefit, treated grains are alkali so they provide rumen buffering and assist in the prevention of acidosis.

Caustic Soda is a hazardous product and appropriate precautions should be taken before handling and usage. The treatment process neutralises the Caustic Soda, leaving a sodium (salt) residue. You should consider the use of a low sodium mineral (Sodagrain Balancer) in diets containing Caustic treated grains. This will avoid excessive water intake caused by the residual sodium.
The Sodagrain process is a simple, effective means of on-farm processing of whole grain for cattle feed. Sodagrain can improve forage and total feed intake, leading to increased milk yield and quality in dairy cattle and better liveweight gains.

A watertight mixer feeder waggon is used for the process, eliminating the need for rolling and yielding a product, which stores well and with distinct nutritional characteristics will set it apart from conventionally rolled grain.