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Cane Molasses

A highly palatable liquid derived from the extraction of sugar from cane. Cane Molasses offers an excellent source of rapidly fermented sugar based energy. Very high sucrose content making it ideal for use in most dairy, beef and sheep rations.


• High energy content in a rapidly available form
• Provides high levels of sucrose sugar
• Helps improve diet palatability
• Helps promote high dry matter intake
• Helps contribute to rumen fermentation
• Stores up to 12 months


Cane Molasses is suitable for inclusion in the diets of all ruminant livestock and can offer a very cost-effective way to increase the palata-bility of feeds whilst contributing good levels of energy from sugar.

Feed Rates

• Dairy Cows Up to 3kg in complete diets. Normal feed rates between 1- 2kg
• Beef Up to 10% can be included in beef diets depending on the nature of other feeds in the mix
• Sheep Up to 10% of dry sheep diets or fed at levels up to 1kg per ewe per day in ball or lick feeders