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Calf Renova

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Calf Renova is an easy-to-use bolus containing a source of natural ingredients.


• Contains a specifi cally selected hind gut DFMs (probiotic)
• Essential Oil as a natural antioxidant
• Offers a natural antimicrobial effect

Feed Rates

When To Use
• At first sign of scouring/diarrhoea or as a preventative
• Upon receipt of incoming calves
• To help ease the transition from colostrum to whole milk or milk replacer
• During periods of digestive problems or immediately after

Directions For Use
Administer 1 bolus capsule per calf from 3 days of age.
Repeat if needed after 24 hours.
It is recommended if you administer a Calf Renova capsule you follow up with a dose of BlueLite® Replenishᴹ

Pack Size

12 per jar x 2 jars per pack

Product code 2190