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Feed Barley produced in the UK has been grown for this purpose, although varieties for malting that failed to make the grade are also suitable.
Produced as a major cereal component in beef and dairy diets, Barley is well recognised as an excellent energy source for ruminants providing high levels of starch to stimulate production.
Available as a whole grain for processing on the farm or as a rolled product from NWF.


Ideal as a ruminant and non-ruminant feed. Ruminants benefit from it being high in energy, in the form of starch, making it highly fermentable, encouraging milk protein and fast growth. It is also useful in pig and poultry diets.


• 63Kg/Hl bushel weight
• High starch level and high energy, low in fibre and protein
• Risk of acidosis when high levels of barley introduced quickly
• Preferred to wheat in intensive beef feed systems
• High rate of live weight gain
• Increased milk yields and milk protein output
• New crop barley can require gradual introduction in certain diets

Feed Rates

• Dairy Cows Up to 5kg/head/day
• Beef Up to 85% fo the DMI
• Ewes Up to 0.7kg/head/day