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Ammonium Nitrate

Our range of nitrogen includes:
• CF Nitram
• Pulan
• Lithan


These are used throughout the fertiliser season as mineral fertilisers
which are obtained by neutralisation of Nitric Acid with Ammonia. AN is manufactured in the form of white or light
cream prills.
All products are guaranteed to spread to 24 metres, with the home produced CF and Yara products spreading to 36 metres.
They are finished with an anticaking agent which protects them from becoming lumpy.


• Reliable products providing consistent quality
• Not just grass fertiliser, as they spread evenly to bouts of 24m and 36m
• Cost effective
• Stores well in handled 600kg bags
• Covered with an anticaking agent which protects them from becoming lumpy


Contains nitrogen in two different forms, which makes it suitable for seedbed or a top dressing application. When used as top dressing on alkaline soils, it should be covered with soil in order to avoid nitrogen losses. AN meets most of the nitrogen requirements of all crops and can be applied to all kind of soils.